6 ways social distancing has changed parcel deliveries

Social distancing is not a term we’ve used before now. The pandemic has changed us. Social distancing has changed the way we work, teach, play and exercise. It has changed the way we eat, shop, and receive medical attention. Social distancing has changed the way we care for our extended families and connect with the community. 

Social distancing has an effect on industries far and wide. Being at the forefront of parcel deliveries in the built environment, we thought we’d look at how social distancing is affecting your deliveries. Especially when we’re approaching the second biggest online shopping period of the year: Mother’s Day and EOFY sales.

Here are six ways social distancing has changed parcel deliveries.

More online shopping  

More online shopping is the most obvious way social distancing has changed parcel deliveries lately. Online shopping is a good way to observe social distancing requirements and still get what we need. Social distancing and isolating at home has also meant we need to get that dopamine hit in other ways. Retail therapy is definitely a thing. 

The rise in current demand has online marketplaces jumping to cash in on the increased activity. For example, Kogan is racing to onboard multiple new resellers on its third party seller platform Kogan Marketplace. The jump in people heading online, however, has as much to do with necessities as it does with boredom. 

Increase in range of deliveries

Social distancing has also increased the range of deliveries our buildings can expect to see. Those most vulnerable to the virus are the ones most in need to keep a safe social distance. This means finding a new way to get essential supplies and services that until now were not home delivered. 

An important change protects the elderly and vulnerable Australians. They can now have their prescription medications and other pharmaceutical items delivered. Pharmacies have been given the support of the Federal Government, and Australia Post’s extensive network, to supply free home delivery of medications and medical supplies.

Rise in daily courier visits

Increases in number and range of deliveries have caused a rise in daily courier visits, too. Stories are emerging of the density of parcel deliveries to certain shoppers. Delivery workers are often delivering to the same building repeatedly throughout the day. An increase in daily courier visits has a dreadful impact on our buildings and the environment. 

The deluge of parcels is overwhelming for buildings with inefficient processes. There’s more foot-traffic in and around buildings, which is problematic for achieving social distancing requirements. Most devastatingly, delivery vehicles are congesting our roads with more frequency. 

On-premises parcel delivery solutions are more necessary than ever. Couriers can be in and out of buildings up to four times faster. They will also never need to redeliver an item when a parcel locker is available. Enabling a fast, first-time delivery in every building has a significant impact on the sustainability of our cities and environment. 

Delays in the dispatch of online orders

Social distancing (and other COVID-19 issues) have impacted the dispatch of parcel deliveries. There may be significant delays in your receipt of online orders. This depends on whether your delivery relies on air freight. The suspension of flights has caused issues in dispatching international deliveries. Some countries have even stopped processing domestic and international postal deliveries altogether. 

Australians are luckily still receiving postal and parcel deliveries. Our dedicated workers are continuing to deliver despite the risks. (They’re taking precautions, of course!) Still, Autumn and Winter stock may be delayed. You’d be better off getting your Mother’s Day gift early and you may need to be extra patient for a while. Supply chains are being affected by the closure of factories, cities and ports. Demand is also outstripping local supply and overwhelming our delivery services

Depots employ strict sanitation procedures

Many depots have employed strict sanitation procedures at depots. (I told you they were taking precautions.) Our delivery heroes stick to a raft of new antiviral measures to protect you as much as themselves. For instance, Couriers Please has detailed the wiping down of vehicles, providing hand sanitiser in vans, wearing gloves, and practising social distancing at all times. Their depots have also implemented daily no-contact temperature checks for all individuals.

Contactless delivery and collection of parcels essential

Contactless delivery is now essential in the fight against coronavirus. More and more services are providing no-touch delivery. They ensure social distancing measures continue to be met. Parcel delivery services like Sendle and Go Fetch now have “safe pick up” and contactless delivery options. Touchless delivery is also offered by food delivery services as social distancing drives up home deliveries.

Contactless delivery is only one side of the no-touch coin in high-density environments. Recipients need a safe way to collect their deliveries. Concierge and reception staff need protection too. 

Some buildings without parcel lockers have reportedly had to inform tenants and residents that the building staff will not be handling parcels during coronavirus concerns. This is mainly due to the high number of courier visits and packages. Social distancing measures have impacted staff levels. Managing high parcel volumes was chaotic before. Now it’s impossible.

On-premises parcel locker solutions are critical in providing a complete contactless delivery and collection process. Parcel delivery lockers located at the building manage parcel deliveries with no staff interaction. They ensure couriers can deliver straight into the lockers safely. They ensure occupants receive their deliveries every time and their essentials are secure until they can collect.





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