Lower Your Carbon Footprint with Smart Delivery Systems

Smart delivery systems drive efficiency and sustainability of the built environment, helping assets reduce their carbon footprint and minimise congestion of urban environments. At scale, the positive impact goes well beyond building efficiency into improving the sustainability of our planet.

impact of parcel deliveries on sustainability
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The Environmental Impact of Parcel Deliveries

Each year, more than 1 billion parcels are delivered across Australia. This equates to around 2.8 million a day – over 40 packages per person! As parcel volumes continue to grow more than 10% annually, inefficient deliveries and lack of smart technology at the building contribute significantly to road congestion and traffic emissions.

Making a secure handoff to the recipient is virtually impossible within large residential communities, commercial precincts, and universities. An estimated 40% of packages to apartments fail to be delivered on the first attempt. The problem is not in the last mile, but in the last few steps – from the courier into the hands of the recipient.

That’s where on-premises smart delivery systems come in. Planning for efficient deliveries into the places where people live, work and study has shifted from amenity to necessity. 64 per cent of Australian millennials are focused on an urgent reduction in carbon emissions. Globally, sustainability is rated as an important criteria for 60 per cent of consumers. Groundfloor™ is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of every parcel and contributing to the development of sustainable urban communities.

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Catapult your Sustainability Strategy

You can improve your sustainability strategy with a focus on improving deliveries to your occupants. Failed deliveries have a high impact on our urban environment, the planet and building performance. A well-considered delivery strategy reduces your building’s Scope 3 emissions, lowers life cycle costs, and adds amenity and harmony to the future community.

Smart Parcel Lockers and Sustainability

Smart parcel lockers that accept deliveries from any courier or retailer ensure the sustainability of our urban environments in three important ways:

Every delivery successful

Smart parcel lockers ensure that each delivery is successful on the first attempt. This is important because when a delivery can’t be made on the first attempt one of two steps are taken. The parcel either goes back to the depot and is redelivered the next day OR it goes to a secondary location where the recipient has to travel to collect, creating unnecessary traffic congestion and increasing emissions.

Centralised delivery location

When all deliveries for a precinct of two or more buildings are directed to one location, this effortlessness reduces the carbon footprint of each parcel. Instead of couriers traveling up and down floors searching for recipients, they simply head straight to the smart delivery system. Centralised parcel points at offices also save couriers trips out to multiple single-dwelling residences.

Faster delivery speeds

Every day, 10-12,000 delivery vans circle the block in Australia’s CBDs looking for parking. City roads are getting busier and loading zones are shrinking. Increasing delivery efficiency means couriers spend less time in loading bays making deliveries. With a smart delivery system in place, eight couriers use the parking spot in the time one can. This means a significant reduction in emissions when we stop vans circling the block.

We receive deliveries from any delivery company

It’s what we call being courier-inclusive

Australian and New Zealand buildings love Groundfloor™ solutions

contactless parcel locker

Touch-free delivery and collection

Groundfloor™ smart parcel lockers are touchless from delivery to collection, so you can offer a complete hands-off transaction from start to finish.

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