Making a Courier’s Work-life Less Hectic

Yes, it’s true, the Groundfloor™ solution eliminates tens of thousands of courier trips through lifts and lobbies across the Australian commercial real estate space. It helps lower building and lift maintenance costs, reduces cleaning costs, minimises building wear and tear and significantly decreases the cost of operation for the owner/operator of any given high-rise. 

What we know now after extensive research of the commercial real estate scene is that clearly, one of the major bugbears for landlords has been parcel delivery gridlock and unsafe storage. This has been accelerated due to COVID-19, which has seen over 85% of the Australian population become obsessed with online shopping. 

Sure, it’s tough on the recipients of all these parcels, but spare a thought for your tireless couriers who roam city streets and scale tall buildings like you know who. 


  • Did you know that commercial offices often receive more than 40 couriers every day walking into and through buildings?
  • In residential buildings, not having an automated parcel delivery solution means couriers travel up and down floors, delivering door to door! Exhausted much?
  • In April 2021, Australia Post was processing almost 2-million parcels daily, reporting they were coping with “Christmas volumes every day”!

Groundfloor™ on-premises smart parcel locker solutions redirect the flow of thousands to tens of thousands of courier visits and discovered that a 30 storey A-Grade commercial tower could eliminate more than 15,600 courier visits through their lifts and lobbies per year.

Imagine the relief for both courier and commercial tower operators that a seamless parcel locker solution allows a courier to ‘scan, drop and go’ on the lobby floor. Couriers are busier than a CHO during a pandemic (seriously!) so allowing them to work their route more effectively is a godsend for them. 

We are all about making the work-life of a courier less hectic, so much so that we actually tagged along on busy routes to discover the major frustrations delivery companies face every day. 


  • Regularly waiting to be buzzed into a building or waiting for signatures
  • Waiting and riding lifts up and down ad nauseam
  • Becoming disoriented by tenant office spaces, hidden numbers and no ‘front of house’
  • Wasting valuable time writing out ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards 

Once registered with Groundfloor™, couriers locate our easy-to-find commercial parcel lockers, use our mobile app or kiosk to simply scan the tracking ID, pick the recipient and deliver the parcel. It’s a far cry from the current alternative of tension, congestion and interruption for both courier and concierge. 

Automated parcel lockers for commercial buildings and parcel lockers for office are the future, but they can be your here and now if you desire a seamless building with decreased foot traffic and human contact. 

With close to 400 parcels delivered in a single day by couriers across the Melbourne CBD, delivery companies can’t afford to run slow, lag in drop-offs and become lost in an ocean of office floors. There’s another job to get to, and another one after that, and that, and that! Luckily head office is monitoring the wellbeing of transport units both physically and emotionally. 

A stressed courier who feels like they are running against the clock can miss parcel deliveries and also have an accident on the roads zipping about to make good time. We can’t have that. 


  • Couriers can deliver to the Groundfloor™ parcel locker system using the in-built kiosk or their phone
  • By downloading the free Groundfloor™ app, they save time in each delivery by not needing to identify themselves to the kiosk
  • Registered couriers can also use the Groundfloor™ app to get access to buildings when making a delivery, saving them from needing to buzz the recipient or staff
  • No-touch delivery and no-touch collections mean your courier is in and out like a ninja at night

Groundfloor™ smart parcel lockers are a courier-inclusive entity, meaning we work closely with many key delivery companies on the market. Australia Post, Toll Group, DHL, TNT Express, Aramex Australia (formerly Fastway Couriers), FedEx, GoFetch and more are part of the parcel locker solutions family. 

Thanks to an automated parcel locker solution, the days of missed deliveries and overflowing lobby desks are a thing of the past – that’s great news for couriers and facilities management staff alike who have complete traceability over parcel deliveries.

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