Parcel Lockers Australia: more than no-touch delivery

Parcel lockers in Australia provide solutions for no-touch delivery and collection as well as other issues related to deliveries into the building post-COVID-19.

The demand for parcel locker solutions to deliveries into the building during the COVID-19 pandemic is supercharged. At this difficult time, needs in high-density environments extend beyond the everyday issues of overwhelming parcel volumes, to very real concerns about the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Communities in every sector feel the burden where there are no on-premises parcel lockers. The delivery and collection process must evolve into something frictionless, contactless, and fast. It must apply to all types of transactions: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer.

As Australian parcel locker specialists, Groundfloor™ have been transforming this landscape for the past two years. Groundfloor™ parcel lockers finally bring the way buildings deal with incoming parcels into the digital age.

We provide parcel management systems: a combination of smart parcel lockers, award-winning software, and expert customer service. Groundfloor™ systems are designed to support efficient parcel delivery management for all building types in all sectors.

The pandemic highlights that the benefits of Groundfloor™ are more than just efficient parcel delivery. Groundfloor™ parcel lockers are essential to situations where: 

  • a “no-touch” transaction is required or desirable
  • building visitor numbers need to be reduced or removed
  • recipients are not immediately available to receive important goods
  • the building has high security needs
  • the building needs to reduce maintenance costs

Parcel lockers: “no touch” transactions

To assist with addressing COVID-19 health precautions, Groundfloor™ was able to fast-track a software update that enables “no touch” collection as well. Recipients can scan code at the lockers instead of using the shared touchscreen to type a pin.

Groundfloor Contactless pick-up

Deliveries could already be made without the need to use touchscreens via Groundfloor’s free-to-use delivery mobile app. The no-touch delivery process was designed to make deliveries very fast. Now it takes on a new context. Additionally, every time a delivery is made a unique Digital Signature is produced. This feature eliminates all physical contact and ensures utmost security and traceability of every item.

Locker doors also open automatically and can be closed with a gentle elbow-nudge. This provides a complete touchless transaction process from delivery through to collection.

Lower building visitor numbers 

A case study conducted by Groundfloor™ in a commercial setting has demonstrated parcel management systems redirect courier traffic to the one location. 

When designing or installing, focus on the location of the system in relation to courier parking and their path of travel. Desirable pathways for occupant traffic need also be considered. That way you can reduce load in lobbies and foyers and maintain high-end aesthetics.

The load of building visitors can be reduced further. Visitors inside the building can be kept to essential personnel when lockers are located outside under shelter.

Groundfloor melbourne parcel lockers

This is useful in general for reducing building traffic and lowering operating costs associated with lift maintenance and building wear and tear. It has always been of concern to buildings. At the moment, this is key to survival.

Parcel lockers sooner rather than later

Early adopters of parcel management systems are now sitting pretty. The valuable benefits were already available to them, before the situation went from essential to critical.

Lack of planning for parcel delivery problems at some new developments has left Grade A buildings with parcels piling up and tenants frustrated. These new assets are left to cordon off precious parking spaces, install lift optimisation software, and implement work-arounds to cope with the unmanageable volumes. 

Other new builds are trying to rework project designs just before completion to add their parcel solution. Though parcel management systems can be easily implemented at any stage of development, designing for them sooner rather than later means utmost efficiency and success will be achieved.

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