Parcel lockers in Sydney: a must-have this Christmas

Parcel lockers in Sydney will be a must-have this Christmas! Sydney’s 100-day lockdown has recently ended. The city is now slowly opening up as businesses reopen to the public.

With parcel delivery volumes reaching levels higher than in our last pre-COVID Christmas, apartment buildings will be hounded with packages. Those with smart parcel lockers will be ahead of the game and ready to take on the challenge. 

Melbourne’s Experience 

Melbourne’s experience can tell us what to expect in Sydney. There was a massive increase in parcel deliveries in Melbourne during their lockdown period. This was due to a large number of new online shoppers. Almost 1.5 million Aussie households made their first ever online purchase in 2020. These new online shoppers then continued to shop and bought more often.

Australia Post is now processing more than 1 million parcels per day across Melbourne after lockdowns have eased. The company needs to deliver 350,000 parcels every weekend until the end of the year to deal with the increased volume. 

People were also online shopping in huge numbers during Sydney’s lockdown. Couriers Please delivered 8.6 million parcels in the first eight weeks of the city-wide lockdowns. Liverpool had the highest volume of online fashion sales, along 3 other locations in NSW making the top 10.  

Sydney is now slowly returning to business as usual. Most retailers reopened in October and commercial workers are slowly returning. Only the fully vaccinated can shop instore in Sydney and Victoria. This may push online shopping even higher this year. Either way, 58 per cent of consumers in 2020 bought their Christmas presents in November so we can expect a huge holiday season again.

Parcel lockers in Sydney

Parcel lockers in Sydney will play an important role in efficient and safe deliveries. Not just because they keep parcels secure until you’re ready to pick up. They also dramatically speed up the time it takes to deliver.

It takes couriers approximately 78 per cent longer to deliver when there are no smart parcel lockers in the building. Most of the time is taken trying to locate the recipient of the package. Then couriers need to travel up to each floor, dropping parcels off at reception desks or knocking on doors. 

This unnecessary extra dwell time in the building makes it more difficult to achieve COVID safe measures like reducing the number of visitors in the building, limiting people in lifts, and maintaining physical distance. The requirements for COVID-19 Safe Check ins and Vaccination Evidence at each building are now also adding to the time it takes to deliver. 

Groundfloor parcel lockers address the need for fast and contactless delivery. Couriers can deliver parcels into a secure, centralised location. Sometimes, systems are even located outside the building or in a car park. That means no lift congestion or door knocking. Recipients pick up their parcels in a timely and COVIDsafe way. 

Groundfloor’s Sydney parcel lockers

Groundfloor Sydney parcel lockers have helped alleviate the stress on each client’s building. 2020 saw growth in demand for apartment parcel lockers. This can be attributed to growing parcel volumes as much as the need for contactless deliveries. An Australia Post report shows deliveries to apartment buildings are increasing faster than those to houses. 

Groundfloor smart parcel lockers are a simple to install but powerful technology. Groundfloor uses a combination of smart lockers and intuitive software to fully automate the management of all deliveries. Technology that provides efficiency, convenience, and security, has become a modern expectation. Here are a few of Groundfloor’s Sydney parcel lockers.

The Watertower

The Watertower is one of Sydney’s first warehouse conversions! 38 years ago the residential conversion attracted criticism as it had never been done before. Now it is considered the “blueprint for many similar conversions that have followed over the years.” Established in the 1920s as McMurtie’s shoe factory, the building was famous for supplying boots for the Australian Army during two world wars. The architecture boasts oversized windows, high ceilings and treetop outlooks. 

The Watertower building now enjoys Groundfloor’s smart delivery lockers. Their matte black system went live just in time for Christmas 2019. Located next to the mailboxes at the front entrance, their lockers provide utmost convenience and also facilitate secure, out-of-sight delivery of parcels. 

The Watertower is close to cafes, markets and top dining hubs as is best loved about inner-city living. Their Groundfloor™ parcel lockers are another essential modern living aspect to add to their desirability. 

Parcel lockers in Sydney


5 Belmont

5 Belmont apartments are contemporary luxury set in a leafy boutique complex at the heart of the Lower North Shore. With close proximity to harbourside parks, the train station, and the Sydney CBD, the 5 Belmont residents are accustomed to convenience.

Groundfloor parcel lockers are a valuable addition to this hassle-free, highly time-efficient lifestyle. Their delivery locker system provides secure, contactless access to deliveries anytime, 24/7 parcel lockers, at their own home.

The location of the 5 Belmont delivery lockers optimizes convenience. Set undercover at the front entrance, the system stands right beside the building’s mailboxes. The building had their lockers vinyl wrapped to match their brand colour and aesthetic. The result is seamless design.

Parcel lockers Sydney

Habitat, Parramatta

Habitat is a luxury residential destination set at the heart of Carlingford in the City of Parramatta. The Habitat residents are part of a growing community of apartment residents with secure, convenient, 24/7 access to their deliveries. All contactless. 

Habitat has two Groundfloor™ parcel locker systems across the complex, conveniently located beside their apartment mailboxes. Groundfloor lockers accept deliveries from any delivery person, so residents can receive parcels, flowers, boxes of wine, dry cleaning, and more. 

The 3 buildings making up Habitat are linked by a luscious landscape thoroughfare consisting of Australian natives, tropical palms and Asian florals. Residents of Habitat can enjoy outdoor gym equipment or relax by the water features in the reflection courtyard, so luxury amenities are a must-have.

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