Pandemic-proof parcel lockers

Building safety and security have been a top priority since the pandemic began. This is particularly prevalent during fresh lockdown times, with the commercial sector continuing to evolve almost daily. 

Why? Well, the demands of a wicked virus frustratingly evolve just as quickly. Key measures are in place to combat COVID-19, with ‘contactless’ being the buzzword. 

The good news? Groundfloor™ management systems are pandemic-proof parcel lockers. Touchless delivery to collection courtesy of award-winning software and customer service is paramount to safeguarding high-rise health.


  • COVID-19 Operational Response Plans are deployed, including elevated cleaning regimes to high touchpoint surfaces/areas
  • Pre-screening of contractors and couriers who work off digital signatures and swift entry and exit plans
  • Operational and customer-facing roles (Facilities Managers and Concierge) remain in buildings to ensure service levels are maintained
  • It’s mask-up time indoors again, hand sanitisers are spread throughout the space, QR code (check-in) is mandatory
  • Allowed workers to keep 1.5 metres of distance between them in accordance with general health advice
  • To achieve the best outcomes for physical distancing, working to 4 square metres of space per person is essential

The Groundfloor™ digital signature system provides an extra layer of safety and security. In these infectious times, anything extra in terms of protection is a godsend.

Although the majority of workers are hunkered down at home during severe lockdowns, some still have to attend the office. That means that Groundfloor™ parcel and delivery locker systems operate as normal – but there is nothing normal about this new-age, hi-tech solution for the modern office. 


Currently, high delivery numbers are contributing to congestion in building lifts, foyers, parking bays, mailrooms and the environment. Think about it.

  • 50K-100K parcels delivered by a horde of couriers per year
  • 10,000-12,000 delivery trucks on the go each day in the Melbourne CBD alone over 12 months
  • 255 ‘actual’ workdays minus 100-odd weekends and seven national, public and state-specific holidays per year
  • That’s hundreds of parcels delivered in a single day

The Groundfloor™ solution is a gamechanger. It eliminates parking bay and building chaos, making safer high-rises, improving the sustainability of cities and urban areas, and so much more. 

The very fact that the lockers work independently from human touch (apart from reaching in and placing or retrieving a parcel) is enough to hang your hat on. Well, with dry-cleaning and shoe space (post-cobbled) available now, you can hang your pressed suit or buffed footwear in these modular masterpieces. 

You only need a QR code to access them, plus close them with an elbow nudge. You can also feel safe in your building that multiple hands and faces are not hovering near the Groundfloor™ lockers. Of course, conducting regular deep cleans of all lockers is a given. 

Just because there is a pandemic, it doesn’t mean the mail stops. Overseas deliveries are as rampant as ever; retail purchases made from building tenants the leader in what lives in lockerland.

Remember when online shopping lit up during the monumental Melbourne lockdown of 2020? Australia Post experienced a 157 per cent growth in Victoria in the first week of August compared to 2019, and there has been no relief since. 

Home and garden, food and liquor, and health and beauty were, and still are, the leading categories for purchases by shoppers. Anything for our mental health, right?

Then there is B2B mail. Packages big and small. Food box delivery. Deliveries are the flock of sheep and the Groundfloor™ solution the Border Collie.


A morphing, mutant mess of a virus needs an active defence to keep it at bay, particularly indoors. It’s time to innovate.

  • Ventilation expert and University of Adelaide academic, Professor Geoff Hanmer, wants to see Australia’s National Construction Code (NCC) recognise “a stack of evidence” of aerosol transmission in buildings
  • Buildings are being designed with more flexible ventilation systems to allow less circulated internal air and increase the amount of fresh air coming in from the outside
  • Major universal retrofit across all commercial buildings to increase efficiency and safety standards
  • Elevated focus on traffic flow with limited lift numbers and staggered start and end times for employees

To further protect work staff, there is the option to house the lockers outdoors, in a covered space. 


  • Are designed to direct water landing on the doors down through special channels and away from their precious contents?
  • Can be placed in loading docks, down hallways away from lifts and lobby traffic, and even within an end-of-trip facility space?
  • Feature specialist dry-cleaning lockers available for large residential and commercial buildings?
  • Have refrigerated options for temperature-sensitive deliveries?

Talk about versatility during a stressful pandemic period! 

When a building manager just wants to get on with the arduous task of keeping their workplace community on track and safe, the Groundfloor™ solution – implemented in no time at all – is one less worry. 

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