Parcel lockers reduce lift numbers

Parcel lockers located in commercial and residential buildings are helping keep lift numbers low. Reducing the number of people in lifts is an important part of COVID-19-safety. Smart parcel lockers are being used as a tool for physical distancing. 

Parcel lockers – designed to be on-premises – are now a critical component of high-density living and working. Before COVID-19, smart parcel lockers were already an essential amenity. The only way for buildings to cope with rising parcel volumes was to automate the process and eliminate ad hoc storage of packages. The pandemic, however, has created new challenges. 

One of the biggest challenges is physical distancing. Limits on physical distancing affect a number of aspects of high-rise living and working related to deliveries. It affects interactions between couriers, building staff, and recipients, and limits on people in common areas such as in lifts and lift waiting areas. 

How parcel lockers reduce lift numbers

Parcel lockers are an effective and affordable way to reduce numbers of people in lifts. Couriers can deliver straight into the lockers located on the ground floor or loading bay. There’s no need to go into building lifts nor interact with staff or recipients. Limiting visitors is also beneficial for lowering operating costs associated with lift maintenance and building wear and tear.

To understand the impact of smart parcel lockers, Groundfloor™ undertook a case study of one of their early adopters. This was a small commercial building in the Melbourne CBD. The client estimated Groundfloor™ parcel lockers saved them over 5,500 courier trips per year though their lifts. The building also had lower maintenance costs.

The cost savings would be even higher now since parcel volumes have dramatically increased over the last year. Higher parcel volumes don’t only mean more packages to deal with. They mean couriers are delivering to the building many more times a day. Parcel lockers eliminate the concern around more frequent deliveries. 

Designing for low visitor numbers 

Design considerations need to focus on the location of the system in relation to courier parking and their path of travel. In this way, parcel lockers are effective in keeping couriers out of lobbies entirely. 

Strategic placement of smart parcel lockers means couriers can deliver to the building without needing to step foot inside. Groundfloor™ parcel lockers are sometimes located outside under shelter or in the building’s loading bay. This allows buildings to keep visitors through buildings to essential personnel only. 

Desirable pathways for essential personnel need to also be considered. Reducing the load in lobbies and foyers further reduces maintenance costs from wear and tear. This also goes a long way to maintaining high-end aesthetics.

Lack of planning for parcel delivery problems at some new developments has left Grade A buildings with parcels piling up and tenants frustrated. These new assets are left to cordon off precious parking spaces, install lift optimisation software, and implement work-arounds to cope with the unmanageable volumes. 

Other new builds are trying to rework project designs and add a parcel solution when the building is almost complete. Though smart parcel locker systems can be implemented at any stage of development, designing them in sooner rather than later means you’ll achieve the best results.

Smart parcel lockers provide safety and security 

Safety and security are top of mind since the pandemic began. The commercial sector continues to adapt to requirements developed for a safe return to work. Contactless delivery is now the norm. Facility managers need to implement process changes to ensure physical distancing is possible.

One other process change is to provide alternatives to physical signatures. Groundfloor’s Digital Signature allows for this. It provides an extra layer of safety and security. The system records a unique Digital Signature for each delivery, accepted in place of a physical signature. The Digital Signatures ensure completely contactless deliveries and collections. They provide utmost security and traceability of every delivery. 

About Groundfloor™

Groundfloor is an Australian company, headquartered in Melbourne. Groundfloor™ smart parcel lockers allow 24/7 automated management of parcel deliveries, mail, dry-cleaning, equipment sharing, key exchange, and more. Our systems accept deliveries from any delivery company and are scalable to any size building or project.

Groundfloor™ is essential to situations where: a “no-touch” transaction is required or desirable; building visitor numbers need to be reduced or removed; recipients are not immediately available to receive important goods; or the building has high security needs. Groundfloor™ smart solutions save asset owners operational costs and help keep communities safe.

Demand for Groundfloor™ smart parcel locker solutions has more than doubled due to the pandemic. The company is now automating parcel deliveries in top commercial offices, luxury apartments, student residences, urban precincts, and retail across Victoria, Queensland, NSW, and in Adelaide and Perth. 


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