Protecting the Heartbeat of Your High-rise

Groundfloor™ tech is the intelligent, on-premises parcel management system that is the complete answer to frustrating parcel delivery, storage and collection processes. 

What does this mean for lobby staff forever on the go juggling many requests from tenants within the behemoth of a commercial real estate space? Less time to worry about persistent distractions and more time to keep the building primed like the superhero she is. 

The wellbeing of staff is everything in whirlwind workplaces. Contented employees who feel supported have all the resources, autonomy and freedom to work their magic to ensure your investment is forever at the top of its game – from here, the joy of your workforce feeds off onto its tenants. 

Morning rush-hour coffee delivery to desks, catered lunch for boardroom meetings, flower auctions, footy tipping management, dry cleaning service, actioning tenant requests and building management services are just the tip of what lobby legends have on their daily to-do list. So, ensuring roaming couriers are out of the picture is a godsend. 

With buildings still working to COVID-19 restrictions in terms of capacity and spacing, the full effect of fewer people occupying the lobby, lifts, car parks, escalators and outdoors can not be 100% appreciated. But, come the time when the human floodgates open, you’ll witness the Groundfloor™ effect in all its glory. 

A concierge is an ultimate multitasker. They are the first person you see in the morning, and the last at knock-off time, whenever that is for you. They bend over backwards for tenants and are worth their weight in front-of-house gold for landlords providing the heartbeat of a building – so it makes perfect sense for you to keep them healthy of heart and mind, right?

The Groundfloor™ model contributes to their wellness (mental and physical) in so many ways:

  • Now, there is no liability for lost or missing parcels once the Groundfloor™ locker is in use, as it stays locked until retrieval.
  • There is now improved OHS and efficiency due to no more mailroom and reception clutter.
  • Keeping couriers on the ground floor means enhanced building security, so again, no more unfair accountability resting on lobby staff shoulders. 
  • Twofold benefit for staff and landlord with Groundfloor™ tech attributing to lower operating costs due to no couriers riding lifts like it’s a fun-park.

Black Dog Institute reports that “Mental illness is now the leading cause of sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in Australia.” 

That’s how precious a commodity the wellbeing of our people is. BDI further adding a crucial but often overlooked fact that improvements in the mental wellbeing of your building mean improvements for your company’s bottom line. They go hand-in-hand, no doubt about it. 

“Reduced staff turnover, recruitment and training costs; fewer sick days and presenteeism (being at work but not able to work at capacity); greater productivity and creativity are all good for your business – increasing revenue and decreasing costs.” 

Groundfloor™ alleviates a great deal of this unnecessary stress, being 100% contactless and stealth-like so facility managers, concierge and co can get back to what they do best: being the heartbeat of your high-rise – the barometer of your building.

The flow-on effect to tenants is equally as seamless as the employee closest to a workplace entrance isn’t treated like the “receptionist” and interrupted every 15 minutes with parcel deliveries. 

Tenants have been crying out to receive their items without being buzzed and having to run down to reception, often at the most inopportune time. It’s not a great look for the employee or the landlord at large, but cry no more; innovation has arrived. 

With workers absent due to stress and anxiety than flu and other physical illnesses or injuries more than ever, ensuring the team is truly looked after in the workplace has never been as vital. Presenteeism has also become an issue, with productivity levels taking a dive and causing concern for landlords in regards to employees being physically present but light-years away from the job at hand mentally. 

We all balance work-life challenges, and sometimes the crossover can pose problems with focus, energy and work ethic making us suffer in silence. It happens, and it is nobody’s fault – we are all human. The key is to make the workplace supportive and inviting for workers in good times and bad, so to speak. 

Putting processes and strategies in place to make sure we are given time and freedom to recharge out and inside of the workplace is paramount to mentally rewiring us. If your workload is too heavy, reach out to a manager or colleague early on so your mind doesn’t blow like Mount Vesuvius. 

For commercial building operators, the Groundfloor™ model makes employee and tenant lives easier, saving time and money. 

“Instead of being at work stressing about the delivery or going to the post office after work or on a Saturday, we welcome parcels to your building as a service to you,” says Groundfloor co-founder Lauren Melton. “It’s a pain point that commercial operators can take away for employees and tenants in a building”. 

In a nutshell? Less pain, more profit. Always.

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