Refurbed Offices Entice Tenants From Sofa to Skyscraper

While there is a trend for commercial real estate landlords to, as JLL reports, “reposition and repurpose older office buildings as part of an effort to attract tenants hunting for modern spaces that can help lure employees back after months of remote working”, it seems that newer, more modernised high-rises are continuing to build on their already impressive redesigns. 

You just have to take a look at the likes of Collins Place, Bourke Place, 570 Bourke and Rialto, to name a few Melbourne buildings to have rolled with the times. From Sydney to Brisbane to Adelaide and beyond, these heavy-hitters have turned office space into office spectacular. They’re inviting, open, have a modern lobby, upmarket cafe, and refurbed lounges that are ideal for those returning to office who still can’t break the sofa habit!  

Take AMP’s Bourke Place, for example, which went from strength to strength with office design and practicality. Their new-look lobby – the design of Danish architects 3XN – is something Gaudi would have been proud of. Suspended lighting snaked about the ceiling that leads the occupant into another world. The office space is calling tenants back, much like the Manakin bird attracts its partner in crime

Bourke Place also houses Groundfloor™ on-premises smart parcel locker solutions in a room that resembles a Gucci storefront. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there needs to be a security guard at the door such is the deluxe nature of the design that we helped guide. 

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers at Bourke Place

The benefits? It’s a three-pronged effect:

  • Effortlessness and artistic bent combine for the tenant of a building, plus the facility management team
  • The landlord reaps the ultimate reward of precious tenants returning to the office to use the amenities 
  • The tenant now feels like this is a home away from home

A JLL survey of 2,000 office workers in 10 countries revealed that most want to work remotely up to two days a week on average – double the number before the pandemic. It’s a balancing act landlords play with daily and doesn’t necessarily mean it is all doom and gloom. This protects landlords from leasing risk, which is becoming a key factor for investors, as James Peterson, head of asset and digital development for JLL Australia, explains.

“There is a shopping list of capital expenditure strategies that landlords can and will get underway in their buildings as a proactive defensive strategy in the current climate. For example, tenants now want fewer people at workstations and would rather prioritise spaces that enhance teamwork, collaboration and innovation”. 

In a nutshell, employees are crying out for an experience in the office; a reason to make the trek to the city from the comfortable and easy surrounds of the home and neighbourhood cafe. 

Is it worth the commute? Sparkle up the space, and it will be:

  • Rialto is often home to Melbourne’s premier food trucks, a host of activations like Australian Open tennis lounges and screens, plus seasoned events
  • Bourke Place’s mailroom is carefully designed to deliver convenience, flexibility and amenity, as well as a sense of community
  • The Sydney String Centre’s vinyl-wrap design of our locker is 100% unique to their brand, with colour coding and violinist silhouette adorning the front

Click and collect retail parcel lockers

Aside from refurbished lobbies, end-of-trip facilities have never been more contoured, including package locker systems and parcel lockers allowing the Groundfloor™ solution to shine. We have lockers housed in loading docks, next to bike storage, inside the building, seamlessly camouflaged into the walls, down in car park entrances for convenience, and more. 

Now, with added dry cleaning and shoe repair locker solutions, the office has all the comforts of home, with all your needs available on text. In addition, upgraded air conditioning and lifts are now in place thanks to reduced elevator traffic, as couriers don’t need to roam floor-to-floor to deliver, so you’ll get to your desk quicker than ever. 

While Peterson admits that it’s all well and good for the premier properties to invest in makeovers across the Asia Pacific region, there exists smaller buildings battling with costs and low tenancies that need to innovate or die.

“There are many buildings that are well located with efficient floor plates and strong structural bones but have mounting stress inside them such as looming lease expiries. This can be mitigated with clever strategies,” Peterson says.

Parcel lockers for commercial buildings have never been more in demand from landlords desperate to ensure the office flow and foot traffic is decreased – not only to protect from a virus – but also to reduce energy costs within the space. 

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers for offices have extra advantages for landlords, such as:

  • Moulding into the high-end aesthetic of your building
  • Being a more innovative way to manage mail, parcels and dry cleaning lockers for commercial buildings
  • Providing extra large-sized lockers that contain a hanging rod and shoe space for fresh laundry and cobbled footwear
  • Being courier-inclusive, meaning that any courier company can deliver into Groundfloor™ automated parcel lockers

For a landlord looking for a seamless amenity to attract tenants back to the workplace, Groundfloor™ smart parcel lockers are the ideal solution. 

Featuring a modular design produced by an Italian furniture maker, an award-winning user interface and supreme in-built customer service, the parcel locker system has a smooth finish and can be customised with vinyl-wrapping to suit the look and feel of your high-rise!

Fancy a Groundfloor™ in your building? No-touch deliveries and no-touch collections are just the beginning of the benefits.

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