Safe Parcel Lockers this Christmas

Safe parcel lockers will be front of mind this Christmas. The pandemic has changed many things in our lives. One way is how deliveries are safely made to one another in the built environment. We now need to limit the number of visitors to buildings and minimise staff contact with contractors. We need to provide alternatives to physical signatures and help people self-isolate if needed. Contactless delivery is the new normal. 

Contactless gift exchange via parcel lockers 

Contactless gift exchange via automated, no-touch parcel lockers will be a special smart building feature this holiday season. We love to exchange gifts with neighbours and co-workers. This year, doing it safely will be our main priority. Smart parcel delivery lockers help because they allow completely contactless delivery and collection.

Groundfloor’s free-to-use courier mobile app allows fast, contactless delivery. Building staff do not need to interact with couriers and contractors at all – they deliver straight into the lockers. Recipients do not need to interact with deliverers either. They are automatically notified of their delivery. Once ready to collect, they scan a code at the locker and the locker door opens automatically. Locker doors can be closed with a gentle elbow nudge.

Groundfloor’s Digital Signature provides an extra layer of safety and security. Each time a delivery is made, the system records a unique Digital Signature. This is accepted in place of a physical signature. It ensures a completely contactless transaction and provides utmost security and traceability of every delivery. 

Contactless delivery and safe parcel lockers

Contactless delivery and safe parcel lockers have been born from the need to stop the spread of COVID-19. There are now new requirements for commercial buildings and guidelines for apartments. The new guidelines highlight the many challenges of managing deliveries in the built environment. The major concerns are maintaining physical distance and reducing the number of shared touch-points. 

Maintaining physical distance affects the number of visitors allowed into a building and its lifts at any given time. It also affects building staff’s ability to handle deliveries and interact with contractors. This is a problem in buildings without smart, safe parcel lockers. High parcel volumes not only mean more packages to deal with. They also mean couriers are visiting buildings more frequently throughout the day to deliver.  

Contactless delivery without secure parcel lockers in the building has had unfortunate, unintended results. The move towards contactless processes is important. Australia Post, Couriers Please, and many other courier services even suspended requirements for physical signatures to help. However, it means couriers are forced to leave parcels unattended in foyers and on doorsteps. Parcel theft has increased in buildings without smart parcel lockers. Parcel lockers keep parcels secure.

Safer with parcel lockers

Deliveries into the built environment are also safer with parcel lockers on-premises. Buildings without smart, safe parcel lockers simply cannot cope with today’s health concerns. Just the surge in parcel volumes and number of courier trips greatly add to the challenge of keeping building occupants safe. Inefficient, manual processes and the increase in foot-traffic in and around buildings is problematic for achieving social distancing requirements. Some buildings without parcel lockers have had to inform occupants staff can no longer handle parcels.

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers provide safe, automated and secure management of parcel deliveries without the need for staff involvement. They also keep couriers out of lifts and lobbies. This is due to being able to locate the lockers outside as well as greatly speed up the deliver time. Not only are couriers in and out of the building much faster. Buildings can also meet difficult requirements such as physical distancing recommendations in lifts and lift waiting areas. 

Our parcel delivery lockers have greatly assisted Australian buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facilities faced enormous pressure to provide a hygienic and efficient solution to parcel deliveries when safe parcel delivery became a high priority. Our no-touch delivery capability was immediately enhanced with no-touch collection. Groundfloor™ parcel lockers are a quick to implement solution that tick all the boxes for safe, efficient parcel delivery management. 

Christmas parcel delivery deadlines

Do you know the Christmas parcel delivery deadlines? Delivery services warn to send your Christmas parcels as soon as possible this year. Both Australia Post and Couriers Please have said parcel delivery volumes are expected to break records this Christmas! Australia Post noted the challenges of this on their website. “Delivery for Christmas will take longer this year as we manage the impacts of COVID-19 and more parcels than ever before”. 

Metropolitan areas will be the most affected. We put together a few scheduled deadlines to help you get your gifts to loved ones and friends in time.

Australia Post Christmas Delivery Deadlines 

Sending within Australia

Saturday Dec 12  latest you can send Parcel Post to be received by Christmas Day 

Saturday Dec 19 for Express Post

Click here for details about sending Internationally


Sendle Christmas Delivery Deadlines

Sending within Australia

Thursday Dec 3 latest pick up date for long-haul national deliveries

Monday Dec 9  latest pick up date for short-haul national deliveries

Thursday Dec 17  latest pick up date for same-city deliveries

Click here for details about sending Internationally


Couriers Please Christmas Delivery Deadlines

Click here for details on sending domestically via Couriers Please

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