The Future Office Needs to Be Fluid

The future office needs to be fluid. Sure, there have been umpteen articles written about what the next step in office design and the future of the workplace will look like in a post-COVID world (whenever that will be!).  This time, we’ve skewed JLL’s insightful piece towards the need for the office to resemble home now more than ever.

We digested the opinions of a host of companies, such as AXA Investment Managers, HSBC and Salesforce who presented at Workplace Strategy Summit, Sydney. All vehemently agree that the hybrid model is the most revolutionary change on the commercial real estate scene. 

More Collaboration and Breakout Spaces

“Gone are the days of a sea of desks — we’ll create more collaboration and breakout spaces to foster the human connection that can’t be replicated remotely,” says Salesforce president and chief people officer, Brent Hyder.

Also, the days of commuting to the office, heading straight to your desk and staying put there until lunch – even throughout lunch – will transform. We’re talking more time taken for the individual to be themselves and organise their daily lives within the pressures of the work environment. 

Need to get those suits and shirts dropped off and picked up within your parcel drop box/smart dry-cleaning lockers? Pick up your weekly food box from Groundfloor™ parcel lockers down in the lobby? Get both done with ease? No problems. Smart parcel lockers only add to the ultimate flexibility and creature comforts for employees based more from the office again. 

So, “understanding the specific needs and motivations of building users and delivering an experience that makes employees feel like the office is worth the commute” is the key to all of this change. But what to do? Add even more convenience on top of established convenience, of course – bend over backwards for the heartbeat of your high-rise

Returning to the office and locking ourselves away for back-to-back video conference calls shouldn’t be the norm any longer as we crave human interaction and reading body language in the flesh. Plus, we need regular breaks like we’ve been taking at home; that’s why a stroll down to collect mail, dry cleaning or parcels on your coffee run serves such an important service for wellbeing. 

Parcel Lockers for Office Buildings

Parcel lockers for office buildings give tenants:

  • The feeling of having their very own home letterbox at the office
  • More work-life balance
  • A stress-free parcel pick-up experience
  • The satisfaction that they are part of the sustainability solution by eliminating parking bay and building chaos
  • Contentment that they have 100% improved the OH&S and efficiency of the office lobby with no more mailroom and reception clutter evident

But won’t productivity slip if you give too much latitude to the tenant to go ahead and ‘live their life’ at work? No chance. If anything, it makes tenants work harder and smarter – not longer. We are in a revolutionary time of reinventing the workday wheel from beige to bold.

Relationships between tenants and landlords are improving each day in the office. Both parties are listening to one another in terms of what is needed to boost productivity and have employees love the space they work. Automated parcel lockers only add to the easing of the busy workday for all involved.

Tanya Lambert, senior asset manager at AXA Investment Managers, was also present at the Workplace Strategy Summit. She noted that data to track and engage the behaviours and lifestyle needs of tenants is now paramount. 

“There’s a lot of lip service given to knowing your customer,” she says. “None of this is that hard, but it’s certainly a great leap from where we were as owners in terms of what is needed to satisfy our customers, and for me that’s really interesting.

“We’re moving up the risk curve as investors, and we can no longer simply buy an income stream and expect to keep delivering the same returns for our investors as we might have in the past”.

Groundfloor Delivery Lockers in Office Buildings

Rialto is one such high-rise that has upped its game and moved through the peril of a pandemic. Home to Bank of Melbourne, Mercedes Me, Vue de monde and 70 more key tenants, all spaces and floors feature natural lighting, 360-degree views around Melbourne, and a refurbished lobby. There is also a modern plaza set up with premier coffee and food haunts, culture, wellbeing and sporting activations, plus more. 

Rialto house a Groundfloor™ on-premises smart delivery solution next to its end of trip amenity and bicycle lockers, giving tenants the chance to access parcel and dry cleaning deliveries on the way into the office or when leaving.   

As always, the benefits of automated parcel lockers are three-pronged:

  • The effortlessness and artistic bent (personalised vinyl wrap) of Groundfloor™ package locker systems add a wow-factor and ownership to the landlord’s investment
  • The landlord reaps the ultimate reward of tenants returning to the office to proudly use their Delivery Locker system 
  • Tenants feel like this is a home away from home courtesy of premium and secure parcel and dry cleaning lockers for office

Australia’s Top Buildings Use Groundfloor™, will you?


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