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Groundfloor is continuing to increase its presence around universities in Australia with automated university parcel lockers in Perth. We currently serve the leading university and student accommodation providers across the country including Swinburne University, Macquarie University, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide and the University of Melbourne.  We help students, staff and mailrooms at university campuses become more efficient through the use of university parcel lockers. 

University Parcel Lockers Perth

Our university parcel lockers are now live in Perth at Curtin University. In 2021, Groundfloor collaborated with Western Australia’s leading public university for undergraduate outcomes, Curtin University, in order to boost operational efficiency within the institution. The centralized university parcel locker system serving several buildings on campus, has reduced the number of drop points for internal mailroom staff and couriers alike.  By having a centralized drop point, delivery times have decreased allowing for greater efficiency.  Loading bays are free keeping congestion to a minimum. Universities are continuing to look for ways to improve efficiency and adapt as the world has migrated from mail to parcels.  University parcel lockers help reduce double handling and achieve a successful delivery every time. 

Our university parcel lockers provide a digital amenity for staff, enabling direct and seamless courier deliveries to the campus whilst adhering to COVID-safe and contactless delivery procedures.   

How Groundfloor Parcel Lockers address COVID guidelines

Designed to allow for seamless handover between courier and customer, the Groundfloor system supports covid-safe procedures and contactless interactions which help to minimize risk of transmission. Deliveries can be completed without even making contact with the touchscreen device on the exterior. The mobile app can be used to complete the process. The available and free-to-use mobile app allows fast and contactless delivery, meaning there is no need for building staff to interact with couriers or contractors.  Parcels are delivered directly into the lockers. Recipients are no exception, and automatically receive an SMS message upon the arrival of their parcel.  The message contains a QR code which can be held up to the system prompting the door to open.

Our installation at Curtin University is outside the building, under cover, reducing courier traffic within closed environments.  This promotes social distancing and helps further reduce transmission risk.  With the ever extending covid crisis, contactless delivery and social distancing is a practice that is likely to continue for some time ahead. 

How University Parcel Lockers Extend Security Capabilities

Security measures are ever important in universities, and Groundfloor’s highly secure system reduces package theft or loss. The system has been thoroughly tested for cyber security and is trusted by the Queensland Police Department. Groundfloor’s university parcel lockers allow for a digital signature feature, eliminating the need for physical signatures, providing an additional layer of security and traceability. 

About Groundfloor

Groundfloor is a smart parcel locker company based in Melbourne, Australia that strives to increase efficiency in parcel delivery, while providing a quality experience for recipients, couriers, and building staff. Groundfloor systems can be found across Australian including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia.  We recently expanded our ANZ footprint with our first installation in Auckland in 2021.  Our customers include residential buildings, commercial offices, government departments, precincts and universities. 

Additional Benefits

Unlike most parcel lockers, Groundfloor is supported by all Australian delivery companies, and is powered by award-winning technology. The system is reinforced by an experienced customer service team operating 7 days a week, and parcels are available for collection 24/7. 

The scalable and customizable system allows for easy installation.  Aesthetic designs can allow the university parcel lockers to either seamlessly blend into the environment, or vibrantly stand out in contrast. 

Contact us to talk about how Groundfloor™ can address your building’s particular needs.

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