Groundfloor’s 24/7 Parcel Lockers

The recent ecommerce explosion has led to a drastic rise in parcel volumes, and Groundfloor’s 24/7 parcel lockers are designed to assist in facilitating this recent trend. With online shopping taking over, safe and convenient places for delivery to benefit both the customer and courier are sought after in student accommodation and apartments. 24/7 delivery and collection ensure, no matter what time, convenience and security are prioritised.

How Groundfloor’s 24/7 system addresses parcel safety

Parcel deliveries to apartment buildings is on the rise due to growth in the sector, but also due to the demographic of the residents. Data from the last census showed 10% of Australians live in apartments. Apartments experienced the fastest e-commerce growth across Australia last year up nearly 80% YOY. 

According to a Hubbed survey 70% of surveyed Australians are concerned with security for “at home” deliveries. Additionally,  41% of those surveyed believe they are not provided with enough delivery options to ensure security, and a further 45% admitted they do not have a safe place outside their home for parcel deliveries. Our onsite visits to apartment communities around the country confirm that package theft is real and home food deliveries are the most frequently stolen package. 

Extending security capabilities in apartments

Security measures are ever important in apartments, and Groundfloor’s highly secure system reduces package theft or loss.  Parcels are secured in a locker and only accessible by a one time code sent to the package recipient. 

The system has been thoroughly tested for cyber security and is trusted by the Queensland Police Department. Groundfloor’s 24/7 parcel lockers allow for a digital signature feature, eliminating the need for physical signatures, providing an additional layer of security and traceability.

Providing convenience to student accommodation

Groundfloor’s 24/7 parcel lockers provide extended hours pick-up for students across Australia.  Students are the most prolific online shoppers making parcel lockers a critical amenity to any student residence. Typically, the student accommodation office is open during normal business hours limiting parcel pick-up time to before 5pm. According to a survey we conducted at Swinburne Student Residences, 92% of students preferred the Groundfloor system to office pick-up due to after hours collection. Students commented that they loved not having to worry about missing a package or pick-up slot if they were out working or at class. 

How Groundfloor’s 24/7 Parcel lockers address COVID guidelines

Designed to allow for seamless handover between courier and customer, the Groundfloor system supports covid-safe procedures and contactless interactions which help to minimize the risk of transmission. Groundfloor’s 24/7 parcel lockers allow for pickup at any time, ensuring traffic is reduced thereby promoting social distancing. Deliveries can be completed without making contact with the touchscreen device on the exterior. The mobile app can be used to complete the process. The available and free-to-use mobile app allows fast and contactless delivery, meaning there is no need for building staff to interact with couriers or contractors. Parcels are delivered directly into the lockers. Recipients are no exception, and automatically receive an SMS message upon the arrival of their parcel. The message contains a QR code which can be held up to the system prompting the door to open. A covid safe delivery policy is becoming increasingly important with the growing number of courier visits to multi residential properties every day. 

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