Parcel lockers for apartment buildings

The ultimate amenity for apartment living

Groundfloor™ apartment parcel locker systems are revolutionising Australia’s residential apartments. We provide each building with a tailored software, locker, and database solution for automated management of a wide range of deliveries. With our apartment parcel lockers you can provide a premium luxury, convenience and security essential for modern living.

How our parcel management system works

Step 1

Any courier can deliver to the building’s Groundfloor™ lockers

Step 2

Recipient receives a secure access code for 24/7 collection

Step 3

Recipient collects parcel at their own convenience

We receive deliveries from any delivery company

It’s what we call being courier-inclusive

Why parcel lockers for apartments

Delivered parcels for apartment residents have been a cause of high frustration and cost across Australia, both for facility staff inundated with deliveries and building residents wishing to have parcels delivered to their home. Parcel lockers in apartment buildings give staff and residents control and security. No more couriers knocking on apartment doors. No more overflowing concierge desks. No more missed deliveries because there was no one home to collect.

Secure parcel lockers for apartment residents

Have your residents had personal parcel deliveries stolen or misplaced under the ever growing pile of packages? Imagine you had a private apartment parcel locker right there in your building. Delivered packages could be received anytime and remain securely stored until recipients arrive home. With Groundfloor™ parcel lockers for apartments, you can live that dream.


“The package delivery area is the second most popular apartment amenity…”

NMHC and Kingsley Associates survey

Source: “Package Locker Industry Lifts Off”, Multifamily Executive 04 December 2014

Our Lockers

Groundfloor™ lockers are modular and easy to install. We’ll help you choose the setup to suit your resident’s needs.

You can also choose your Groundfloor™ look, from luxurious elegance to distinctive vinyl wraps. Whatever your statement, Groundfloor™ will seamlessly become part of your building.

Why every building needs a Groundfloor™

Greater staff productivity

eliminate interruptions and clutter

No liability for lost or missing parcels

once locker is in use, it stays locked until retrieval

Lower operating costs

remove the burden from staff

Improved OH&S and efficiency

no more mailroom and reception clutter

Smoother Operations

more efficient use of loading bays and zones

Enhanced building security

because our app can control building access to couriers

Easily track deliveries

utilise our delivery history database

Set and (almost) forget

facility staff only need to maintain an up-to-date resident registry

Secure, 24/7 access to parcels

No more trying to get to the post office or courier depot before it closes

Happier staff and occupants

no more parcel frustrations

Fancy a Groundfloor™
in your building?

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