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Concierge Collect

Notified delivery collection without lockers

What is Concierge Collect?

Our web portal allows your staff to track, receive, and store deliveries of all types and automatically sends both collection notifications and reminders. Residents are directed to your team to collect within your staffed hours and identify themselves by providing the collection code from their notification. The Groundfloor™ portal can be accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Groundfloor Concierge Collect integrates with many leading smart building, technology providers. 

Negate parcel locker space requirements

In some properties, space requirements for parcel lockers in communal areas can be challenging. In some cases, there may not be the physical space to fit parcel lockers, or the space available may be insufficient for an adequately sized system, requiring parcel locker overflow to be delivered to staff. Concierge Collect facilitates most of the benefits of a Groundfloor locker system while making use of existing building storage and staff.

Saves time & labour costs

Utilising the Groundfloor portal, we can save staff time by logging deliveries and notifying recipients. Manually receiving, recording, storing, notifying, and the collection process of parcels can equate to roughly 4 minutes per parcel. Through Concierge Collect, shelf placement is recorded for every parcel, which significantly automates the process, for a more time-efficient collection.

Would you like to discuss a delivery solution for your building?

Our six-star customer service team is ready to take your call. Our team of experts will happily discuss customized locker solutions that suit your specific needs.

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