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Touch-free delivery and collection

Groundfloor™ parcel management systems utilise a touchless delivery to collection process, offering a complete hands-off transaction from start to finish.


Smart, On-Premises Parcel Locker Solutions

Groundfloor™ provide a software, locker and database solution for 24/7 management of all your parcel deliveries.

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The Benefits of Installing Parcel Lockers in Your Building

Commercial and residential projects in Australia have started to provide parcel-friendly spaces via parcel management systems such as parcel lockers.

Smart parcel lockers tend to be located on the ground floor of the building for easy access when either exiting or entering the building.

Installing a smart parcel locker or an on-premises parcel management system has proved to be of significant benefit to building owners and operators. Benefits include:

Minimise Building and Lift Maintenance Costs

With on-site parcel lockers, deliveries are made to a single location in the building without having to use lifts, climb up numerous fleets of stairs, and deliver packages floor by floor.

For example, a building with 25 floors would get rid of more than 12,000 courier lift rides annually thus saving a tremendous amount on energy costs, elevator cleaning and maintenance costs, as well as reducing on building wear and tear.

Maximise on Time and Productivity

Inefficiencies in handling deliveries have a huge impact on labour, whether concierge, mailroom, or operations staff. Installing parcel lockers will have deliveries go straight into lockers for collection by the tenants without having to involve staff. The tenants will gain from the minimised labour costs or enhanced productivity as staff are free to dedicate additional time to more productive tasks.

Tenants Desire Modern Solutions

Real estate developers will attract buyers by providing parcel lockers that will add to the prestige and innovation of their developments; a huge incentive to millenials who are now impacting modern amenities in both commercial and residential buildings.

Keeping all personnel delivering to the one location greatly improves human traffic flow and will have a tremendous impact on delivery efficiency adopted across the built environment. Adopting the use of modern parcel lockers will also help real estate managers retain their clients.

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