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The Switch, PBSA,

Switch, Perth Central, 555 Wellington St, Perth, WA.

As the student accommodation sector flourishes so do the number of delivered parcels. Managing parcels had become a full time job until the installation of Groundfloor parcel lockers

A Truly Custom Design

The Switch Perth, a transformative project by Sterling Capital, is revolutionizing the landscape of student accommodation by positioning parcel lockers as an essential component rather than just a luxury. Drawing inspiration from the success of a similar system at Swinburne University in Melbourne, MJA Studio Architects collaborated with Groundfloor early in the design phase to infuse a unique and trendy aesthetic into the lockers, seamlessly integrating them as both a custom look and a design feature of The Switch.

Understanding the magnitude of parcel management in a towering 39-floor, 433-bed student accommodation building, Sterling Capital engaged in meticulous early planning. This foresight allowed the implementation of a streamlined parcel management plan, not only saving staff hours but also creating a level of convenience that resonated with the students. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Groundfloor and MJA Studios, the locker systems were strategically positioned to optimize usage while serving as eye-catching design elements within the modern lobby.

Operational efficiency meets student convenience

The initial implementation of the locker system in Perth proved to be a game-changer, swiftly “revolutionizing the delivery process” as residents began to move-in. The surge in demand for locker usage prompted the installation of an additional locker system, a testament to the indispensable role these systems played in meeting the unprecedented demand. Building Manager Ben Marsh emphasizes the widespread appreciation, stating, “Groundfloor Parcel Lockers have become indispensable at The Switch, streamlining both reception and retrieval processes with exceptional efficiency.”

Marsh further highlights the impact, stating, “The introduction of these lockers has expedited the delivery process, significantly reducing the margin of error and ensuring secure and swift parcel deliveries. Our residents love the convenience of 24/7 access to secure lockers, enhancing their overall experience at The Switch.”

The Switch Perth is an example of a forward-thinking vision, transforming student accommodation with Groundfloor Parcel Lockers as an essential and stylish cornerstone.

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