Groundfloor™ benefits
for Couriers & Delivery Companies

Our Mission: Improve Courier Efficiency (and Happiness!)

When we tagged along on busy courier routes, we discovered major frustrations delivery people face everyday. Couriers are often waiting to be buzzed into a building or waiting for signatures, and many are even taking the lifts up and down in high density commercial and residential buildings! This still isn’t guaranteeing successful delivery, and time lost writing out ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards is an added burden.

Our solution removes the need for waiting around and increases successful deliveries.

Once registered with Groundfloor™, couriers use our mobile app or kiosk to simply scan the tracking id, pick the recipient, and deliver the parcel. It’s that fast. Registering is quick, and only needs to be performed the very first time. Delivering has never been so easy.

How it Works

Step 1

Any courier can deliver to the building’s Groundfloor™ lockers

Step 2

Recipient receives a secure access code for collection

Step 3

locker parcel
Happy customer picks up the parcel at their convenience

We receive deliveries from any delivery company

It’s what we call being courier-inclusive

groundfloor kiosk 3

Our Lockers

Groundfloor™ lockers come in four different sizes to suit a wide range of parcel deliveries. You’ll be able to pick the size you need and once you do, the allocated locker will pop open for you. Pop the parcel in the locker and you’re off to your next delivery!

Deliver via our kiosk or your mobile

Our lockers feature an in-built touchscreen for parcel delivery. The friendly interface is simple enough for the most novice technology user and just may put a smile on your face.

For maximum delivery speed, use our mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Groundfloor Kiosk Delivery Screens

Why you’ll love Groundfloor™

Eliminate time wasted

ringing doorbells and waiting for recipients

No more “Sorry we missed you!” cards – ever

or returning to redeliver

Keep all your deliveries on the ground floor

no more travelling the lifts or chasing signatures

Easy building access

when registered with our app

Ready to deliver?