About Groundfloor™

It was the awful ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card that set us on our mission to solve the frustrations of delivering, storing and collecting parcels.

We talked with many customers, visited hundreds of buildings, rode along with couriers, listened to facility managers and concierge staff, and searched for potential all over the world. We found the need for a comprehensive system that:

  • addresses the needs of couriers, facility managers, AND parcel recipients
  • is available to delivery personnel from EVERY company
  • provides greater efficiency for delivery personnel
  • enables customers to pick up their parcels 24/7 from THEIR OWN building
  • simplifies life for building managers, and also functions in unattended buildings
  • takes the pain out of what should be fun

Our solution:
Secure, on-premise parcel management systems designed with courier, customer, and facility management needs in mind.


Our Lockers

Groundfloor™ lockers are easy to install, look great, and offer a premium service for very little hassle.

See our dedicated page for more information on choosing, designing, and installing a Groundfloor in your building.

Our Courier App

Couriers can choose to deliver with either the locker kiosk or our iPhone or Android mobile apps.

The app also facilitates access to buildings with secure entrances, saving couriers from the need to buzz residents or staff.

Courier app

Every building needs
a Groundfloor™

The Groundfloor™ system is designed to suit:

  • Apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Co-working spaces

Fancy a Groundfloor™
in your building?