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student accommodation parcel lockers

Parcel Lockers for Student Accommodation

Help secure your building and prevent parcel theft

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers at Swinburne

Parcel Lockers for Student Accommodation

Improve convenience and the residents experience

Interior of a modern building featuring a wooden staircase with red railings, parcel management lockers, and a recycling bin under the stairs.

Parcel Lockers for Student Accommodation

Ensure residents never miss a delivery

Why choose Groundfloor™ parcel lockers for your student accommodation?

Groundfloor™ delivery locker systems integrate with leading portal providers such as StarRez™

Groundfloor™ delivery locker systems have significant labour cost savings

Our lockers accept deliveries from all couriers, Australia Post, food delivery & more

Our six-star customer service operates 75 hours live telephone hours per week, Melbourne-based

24/7 collection with Groundfloor™ parcel lockers. Convenience is paramount to students

Our parcel lockers are modular & space efficient with the smallest footprint on the market. Not just for parcels, but ALL deliveries

Australia's leading provider of parcel lockers in student accommodation

When it comes to deliveries and student accommodation no other provider knows the student accommodation sector better than Groundfloor™ parcel lockers.

As Australia’s leading parcel locker provider for student accommodation, Groundfloor™ delivers:

1. The most seamless experience for staff and students.

2. Best value for money.

Improve your residential experience

Students love Groundfloor™! We collected data from five resident surveys, and 98% of students preferred using Groundfloor™.  Convenience for students is paramount and it is well known that students can be nocturnal. Groundfloor™ parcel lockers allow for 24/7 collection, even outside of office hours. No more queuing for collection at reception desks! It’s all about improving the resident experience.

Students overwhelmingly prefer a technology-driven amenity to collecting from reception. 


Prefer parcel lockers

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Prefer parcel lockers

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Save on labour costs or reallocate staff

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time staff spend managing parcels? We have… It is between four to five minutes per parcel when you factor in receiving, storing, logging, notifying, and collection. For a 650-bed property, this can equate to 22 hours a week or more than $40,000 in labour costs a year, not to mention the more important tasks staff could be doing to look after residents with this time.

Integration with StarRez

Groundfloor™ offers a direct integration with StarRez for unparalleled ease of operation. When integrated with StarRez, your residents are automatically imported and kept in sync. This means the resident data in Groundfloor™ is always up to date with no additional effort required as residents come and go or update their contact details.

Not with StarRez? Fear not, Groundfloor™ integrates with many management portals and we also have solutions for buildings that don’t use portals.

How do Groundfloor™ parcel lockers for student accommodation work?

no touch delivery

Step 1

Couriers and staff deliver straight into your Groundfloor™ Lockers


Step 2

Recipient automatically receives QR code or PIN for 24/7 collection

locker parcel

Step 3

Recipient collects deliveries at their own convenience

Why your student accommodation property needs secure parcel lockers

Students are amongst the most prolific online shoppers with e-commerce continuing to grow relentlessly. Traditionally, residence management staff have personally handled every parcel by logging it, interacting with the couriers, sending notifications to students and storing items until pick-up. As the packages continue to pile up, this has become a costly and inefficient process detracting staff from focusing on student well-being. Let us show you how a 1500-bed student accommodation can save up to 2,500 staff hours per year at full occupancy.

We receive deliveries from ALL delivery companies

Our lockers your way

Groundfloor™ lockers are modular. We help you choose the setup to suit your residents needs.

You can also choose your Groundfloor™ look, from luxurious elegance to distinctive vinyl wraps. Whatever your statement, Groundfloor™ will seamlessly become part of your building.

digital signature

Signatures not required

Groundfloor™ provides a digital-signature for every delivery and collection transaction. This means no one needs to physically sign for deliveries. Digital signatures are accepted by the courier companies and provide the utmost security and traceability of every transaction.

Our customers love Groundfloor™ parcel lockers

Food Delivery Lockers

Food delivery is rapidly becoming as big an issue for student accommodation as parcel delivery. Food being left unattended brings all kinds of associated drama, including theft and mess. Groundfloor™ can receive deliveries from ANY delivery company, not just parcels! With Groundfloor™ insulated inserts our lockers can securely store and notify students to collect their food delivery while keeping cold items cool and hot items warm. COMING SOON!

How to use Parcel Lockers

Groundfloor™ has a multitude of delivery solutions customised to your requirements.

Concierge Collect

Sometimes no matter how big your lockers are, students will order something that is just too big! Groundfloor™ has come up with a solution that allows a courier driver to deliver to the desk, the same way they would to a parcel locker. All the functionality of the parcel lockers is the same including notifying the recipient and providing a digital signature except the staff at the desk will take the delivery to be stored in a secure place. This solution is also perfect for properties that don’t have the space in common areas for a parcel locker system. 

parcel lockers for student accommodation graphic icon saves time 2

24/7 convenience

Student accommodation parcel lockers provide benefits for the entire student residence community. Students enjoy the convenience and privacy of receiving deliveries through a secure parcel locker system offering 24/7 collection. Residents no longer have to queue at the reception desk or dash back to campus to collect a parcel during opening hours. Groundfloor™'s smart, fully contactless solution is perfect for students thriving in the digital age.

parcel lockers for student accommodation graphic icon operational savings

Operational efficiency

A Groundfloor™ system improves operations for the stretched resident management teams. Decreased parcel clutter and workplace hazards, streamlined courier flow, fewer staff interruptions, and no more lost packages frees up time to focus on student wellbeing. Plus, smart parcel lockers improve your building’s sustainability through achieving a first time delivery every time, reducing both congestion and CO2 emissions.

Why work with Groundfloor™

Our collaborative approach together with a commitment to integrated solutions sets us apart. We provide the  software, parcel locker, and database solution to automate management of a wide range of deliveries. Our team will guide you through site preparation, installation and onboarding of residents. We also ensure preparation and onboarding of all couriers.

Would you like to discuss a delivery locker solution for your building?

Our six-star customer service team is ready to take your call. Our team of experts will happily discuss customised locker solutions that suit your specific needs.

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