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Parcel Lockers

Security, convenience, aesthetics and amenity

Parcel lockers - as flexible as your needs






No other parcel locker accepts more deliveries

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers receive deliveries from ALL companies including Australia Post, Amazon, and all other courier and delivery companies. Not all parcel lockers do. It’s what we like to call “delivery agnostic”.

Groundfloor™ has extensive relationships with delivery companies, ensuring that our systems are being delivered into and that there is effective communication with delivery drivers ahead of a system installation.  


Groundfloor™ parcel delivery lockers consist of different tower layouts that can be arranged into a multitude of combinations, servicing from just a few to a large number of recipients.

Hundreds of lockers can be managed by just one kiosk.  Dynamic locker allocation optimizes cost-efficiency and greatly reduces the footprint of your parcel locker system.


Groundfloor™ facilitates dry-cleaning and laundry service deliveries, outbound and inbound mail, as well as parcels and cold deliveries. See our specialist dry-cleaning lockers for large residential and commercial buildings and refrigerated lockers for temperature-sensitive deliveries.

Groceries, flowers, dry-cleaning – we’ve got you covered!


Your Groundfloor™ delivery lockers can be located indoors or outdoors under shelter. The lockers are carefully designed to direct any water landing on the doors down through special channels and away from their precious contents.

We use materials that are of the highest quality and have been chosen to make sure they not only last, but stay looking great. All you need to provide is a power source.


Groundfloor™ parcel locker door sizes have been designed to fit common Australian parcel sizes, from post satchels to multiple cases of wine. We provide different sizes in various combinations and work with you to choose the right door-size mix for your needs.

Groundfloor™ delivery lockers look great sitting free-standing or built in for a flush finish. Whether you’re designing for a new property or implementing your Groundfloor™ system in an exisiting building, we can work with you to achieve a seamless result.


You can choose your Groundfloor™ look, from luxurious elegance to distinctive, funky vinyl wraps. Whatever your statement, they will seamlessly become part of your building.

Pick from matte black, gloss white or design something truly unique for your own look.

Touch screen interface

Our lockers feature an in-built touchscreen for both delivery and collection. The friendly, award-winning interface is simple enough for the most novice technology user and just may put a smile on your face.

An Australian parcel locker supplier

Groundfloor™ is a Melbourne-based, Australian supplier of parcel locker, mail, and dry-cleaning solutions for the built environment. We utilize an international supply chain to bring together everything you need for a seamless solution.

Locker configurations

Our tower configurations allow for a multitude of combinations. Groundfloor™ has 4 different parcel locker towers to mix and match to your building’s parcel requirements.

11-door kiosk (5 small doors, 4 medium doors, 2 large doors)

16-door small, medium  (2 small doors, 14 medium doors)

16-door small, medium, large (10 small doors, 4 medium doors, 2 large doors)

4-door (2 large doors, 2 extra large doors)

Each tower is modular and has the smallest parcel locker footprint on the market. The dimensions of each Groundfloor™ locker tower is 1000mm length x 500mm deep x 2000mm high. Custom locker configurations are available in some circumstances.

Parcel locker size graphic
Parcel lockers - what your building needs - power
Parcel lockers what your building needs - connectivity

What does my building need for parcel lockers?

As a minimum, each system requires a single 10amp GPO power supply, an “install ready” site, and a data
point in place (where required). We like to think the parcel towers we supply you are part of the furniture. When we install, the site needs to be at a ready stage. This means: the site is no longer under construction, a GPO is installed, and a data point installed.

Your Groundfloor™ kiosk tower will come equipped with a dual network modem to operate over 4G. In some cases, we require that your site provision a standard data point to ensure a smooth uninterrupted internet connection. 

Secure access to parcel lockers

Many different courier companies and service providers visit a typical building each day. Additionally, the staff who make these deliveries change regularly. For these reasons, it is not practical to issue FOBs for access to buildings.

Groundfloor™ takes an intentionally simple approach to granting building access. On setup, building management provides multiple door codes to the building, which are stored on our secure server. Each time a courier arrives at the building, our free courier mobile app issues a different access code.

When Groundfloor™ issues a door code, we log that entry. If the courier has not made a delivery within our allowed time period, an alarm is triggered and we call the courier. Door codes can be controlled by the building security system to only operate at certain times of day and to only open certain doors.

Most buildings already support code-based entry (often through the intercom system), while others can be retrofitted inexpensively.

Would you like to discuss a parcel locker solution for your building?

Our six-star customer service team is ready to take your call. Our team of experts will happily discuss customized locker solutions that suit your specific needs.

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