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smart dry cleaning lockers

Dry Cleaning Lockers

Convenience and amenity

smart dry cleaning for apartments

Dry Cleaning Lockers

Pick up and drop off without leaving your building

A smarter way to manage dry cleaning & laundry

Groundfloor™ provides smart dry-cleaning lockers for the exclusive use of your building occupants. 

Groundfloor™ smart dry-cleaning lockers are the ultimate amenity for convenience. Partnered with iBAG for a seamless smart dry-cleaning service allowing garments to be delivered directly into special lockers designed to accommodate hanging items.

How a smart locker for laundry and dry-cleaning works

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Step 1

Book a service and drop off your garments to your Groundfloor™ lockers

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Step 2

The service provider is automatically notified and collects garments for cleaning

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Step 3

Cleaned garments are returned to the lockers. You'll be automatically notified

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Step 4

You can quickly collect garments at your convenience

Seamless integration

Groundfloor™ dry-cleaning lockers integrate seamlessly with our parcel locker range so you can offer automation of any delivery. The towers maintain the same footprint, height, and width dimensions to support consistency across project designs. All lockers are available in ‘Matte Black,’ ‘Gloss White,’ or custom vinyl wrap. 

Smart dry-cleaning lockers for commercial & residential buildings

Groundfloor™ smart dry-cleaning lockers towers best suit commercial and large residential properties. They are designed for building communities and retailers that require generous amounts of hanging space. Each tower features two kinds of lockers. The ‘tall’, narrow lockers are perfect for hanging delivered garments. These towers also include lockers suitable for folded laundry.

Smart dry-cleaning & laundry for small apartments

Small apartment buildings are best served by the Groundfloor™ parcel locker towers that include extra-large locker doors. Our XL lockers have a hanging rod. This provides flexibility for accepting hanging dry-cleaning or large parcels. This is a cost-effective solution for smaller projects and ensures they don’t miss out on smart, automated dry-cleaning services.

Dry cleaning locker tower configurations

Groundfloor™ dry cleaning lockers have 8 doors. 4 tall doors with hanging rods, 2 small doors, and 2 medium doors. The dimensions of the tall doors for dry-cleaning are 230mm wide x 440mm deep x 1370mm high, perfect for hanging gowns or suits.

The dimensions of the dry-cleaning locker tower are 1000mm wide x 500mm deep x 2000mm high which is the same dimensions as Groundfloor™ parcel locker towers creating symmetry across multiple-purpose solutions. 

An Australian dry-cleaning locker supplier

Groundfloor™ are a Melbourne-based Australian supplier of parcel locker, mail and dry-cleaning solutions for the built environment. We utilise an international supply chain to bring together everything you need for a seamless solution.

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“Groundfloor lockers are the only ones currently on the market purpose-built for dry-cleaning and tall enough to hang a garment bag.”  – Aaron Pino, Owner & CEO of iBAG

Would you like to discuss a dry-cleaning locker solution for your building?

Our six-star customer service team is ready to take your call. Our team of experts will happily discuss customized locker solutions that suit your specific needs.

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