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Parcel and dry cleaning lockers Melbourne

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How can I use my parcel locker?

Using your parcel locker is simple thanks to the easy-to-use software. That’s because it was designed by a user experience expert.

Any courier or registered building staff can make a delivery straight into the lockers using the kiosk or courier app. They just scan the parcel, select the right recipient, and choose the locker size needed.

Recipients are automatically notified via SMS. The message contains their unique, single-use access code. The recipient can type in the six-digit number or scan the QR code with the kiosk’s barcode scanner and the locker containing their parcel will open.

What parcel locker address should I use?

Your Groundfloor™ parcel locker address is usually the same as the building address in which your system sits. The Groundfloor™ team and your building manager will have been given information about the new parcel delivery locker system to the local delivery companies, so they will know what to do and where to go.

In a few cases, a different address is needed. Groundfloor™ or your community manager will let you know your correct parcel delivery locker address.

Will I be charged if I can't collect my parcel?

There is no charge if you can’t collect your parcel. Groundfloor™ do not charge any per parcel fees or overdue fees. Please let your building manager or the Groundfloor™ customer service team know if you are unable to collect your delivery within a reasonable timeframe.

Which couriers can deliver to Groundfloor™ parcel lockers?

Any courier from any courier company can deliver into Groundfloor™ parcel lockers! It’s what we call courier-inclusive.

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers have been extremely well received by a wide range of delivery companies. Couriers are excited to have a faster way to deliver and to know those packages will be delivered first time, every time. See our courier page for more details.

What is a parcel delivery box?

A parcel delivery box is the name given to a letterbox that allows secure parcel deliveries to single-family dwellings.

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers are designed for apartmentscommercial officesstudent residences and other uses.

What about parcels that require a signature?

Groundfloor™ parcel management systems provide a digital signature for every package delivered. Digital signatures are accepted in place of physical signatures and also provide better security and traceability of every delivery.

Is there a way to open the door without touching the touchscreen?

You can absolutely open the locker without touching the touchscreen. Simply use the courier mobile app to make a delivery. Recipients can scan their QR code at the kiosk instead of typing in their code on the touchscreen. (QR codes are sent to you in your delivery notification).

How should I clean the touchscreen?

Your kiosk touchscreen can be cleaned with alcohol wipes. Please avoid using sprays.

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