Groundfloor™ benefits
for Recipients

Our Mission: The end of ‘Sorry We Missed You’ cards

Missed deliveries equal time wasted as you track down your parcel, wait for depots to open, and stand in queues on a SATURDAY!! Even directing your parcels to concierge or a mailroom can bring you hassles, and the security risks involved make you cringe.

Our solution is to fit your building with our secure locker system which allows you 24/7 access to your delivered parcels.

Upon delivery of your goods, you’ll instantly receive a notification on your phone. You can then retrieve those items at YOUR convenience. It’s that simple. There are 4 different locker sizes so you can have all kinds of goods delivered. What’s more, Groundfloor™ lockers are accessible to delivery personnel from EVERY company, so you won’t miss out.

How it Works

Step 1

Any courier can deliver to the building’s Groundfloor™ lockers

Step 2

Recipient receives a secure access code for collection

Step 3

locker parcel
Happy customer picks up the parcel at their convenience

We receive deliveries from any delivery company

It’s what we call being courier-inclusive

groundfloor kiosk 3

Our Lockers

Groundfloor™ lockers are modular, and come in 4 different sizes to suit a wide range of deliveries. We’ll help you choose the setup to suit your building’s needs.

You can also choose your Groundfloor™ look, from luxurious elegance to distinctive, funky vinyl wraps. Whatever your statement, Groundfloor™ will seamlessly become part of your building.

Touch-Screen Interface

Our lockers feature an in-built touchscreen for both delivery and collection. Its friendly interface is simple enough for the most novice technology user and just may put a smile on your face.  Simply enter the access code that we’ll send to you in an SMS and the locker with your delivery will pop open.

Kiosk collection screens Groundfloor Delivery

Why every building needs a Groundfloor™

Delivered to your own home or office address

not a public locker bank

Secure delivery

safely locked away, your delivery waits for you

24/7 access to your parcels

even in your fuzzy slippers, if you like!

Gives you back precious time

no more missed deliveries ever

Accepts all deliveries

including groceries and dry cleaning

Enhanced building security

Better for our community

eliminates redeliveries, reducing congestion and emissions

Ensures your privacy

only you can grant access to your delivery

Gives you confidence to shop online

knowing you won’t miss the delivery

No need to ship to your workplace

get them where you want them

Fancy a Groundfloor™
in your building?

Contact us at [email protected] and we will help make it happen.