Retail Parcel Lockers

Retail Parcel Lockers: simply click and collect

Retail parcel lockers connect bricks & mortar with the online channel. An omnichannel retail strategy is a must in today’s online world and keeps the physical footprint relevant. Shoppers increasingly expect a seamless experience between online and in-store. A frictionless, efficient and well-designed click & collect locker solution is essential.

How our Click & Collect system works

Step 1

Any courier or staff can deliver straight into your Groundfloor™ lockers

Step 2

Recipient automatically receives a secure access code for 24/7 collection

Step 3

locker parcel
Recipient collects parcel at their own convenience

A parcel locker solution for every retailer

Groundfloor™ have a parcel locker solution for every retailer. Solutions are suitable for small retailers, large chains, or as a shared amenity installed by the centre owner. Click and Collect parcel lockers provide your customers the convenience they’ve come to expect. Talk to us today for free expert advice and a site visit.

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Benefits of Click and Collect parcel lockers:

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Technology-enabled, convenient and fun
  • A contactless alternative
  • Intuitive, customer-friendly interface

Reduce Cost of Operations

  • Lowers cost of delivering concierge service
  • A shared infrastructure
  • Reduces courier costs for you and your customer 

Increase Revenue

  • Increase foot traffic to stores
  • Incentivise customer loyalty
  • Extend the hours for customer access

Partner with us for lasting success

Security – Robust hardware and trusted software

Traceability – Record the details of every transaction

Service – Australian-based customer service 7 days a week

Reliability – Security of customer data

User interface – Award-winning and easy to use

Data – Analytics and dashboard provides usage, customer flows and access times

Integration – Custom integration to maximise operational efficiency

Click and collect retail parcel lockers

Full Transaction History

Groundfloor™ click and collect lockers keep a full history of every delivery and collection, for utmost security and traceability of every transaction.

groundfloor kiosk 3

Our lockers

Groundfloor™ lockers are modular. We’ll help you choose the setup to suit your business needs.

You can also choose your Groundfloor look or add distinctive vinyl wraps. Whatever your statement, Groundfloor will seamlessly become part of your business.

Why every retailer needs Groundfloor™ Click & Collect lockers

Reduce operational costs

Lowers cost of delivering concierge service

Increase revenue

Drive foot traffic to your stores

Improve customer experience

Technology-enabled, fast, convenient pick up

Automate processes

Automated, contactless delivery and collection

Increase customer loyalty

with secure, convenient access to orders

Keep transaction history

records delivery and collection transaction history

Improve tenant experience

with a shared amenity

Happier staff and customers

No more online order frustrations!
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