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101 Collins Street, Melbourne

Undoubtedly positioned at the pinnacle of Melbourne’s commercial building landscape, 101 Collins seamlessly incorporates Groundfloor parcel lockers, elevating both convenience and sophistication.

High end amenity for a high end property


As one of the premier addresses in Melbourne, 101 Collins is not only an iconic building but also a testament to thoughtful design. The architectural prowess is clearly evident right through the building, from its grand marble lobby right down to the smaller details of the sleek modern look of its parcel delivery lounge. 

Among 101’s many amenities is its fully automated parcel delivery solution. GroundfloorTM worked with the architects at 101 to enhance the tenant experience whilst also providing a truly custom look to the lockers. The facility creates convenience for everyone, allowing for a swift delivery process and a secure collection.

Convenience conquered

Groundfloor has also partnered with iBag to bring a dry cleaning service to the tenants at 101 Collins. Simply book with the iBag app and deliver your items into the lockers, iBag will pick them up, dry clean them, and then redeliver them back into the locker system where you can collect them at your convenience.

Would you like to discuss a delivery locker solution for your building?

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