Build to rent parcel lockers build sustainable communities

As the successful build to rent model has begun to gain momentum in both Australia and New Zealand, one problem the sector faces is managing surging deliveries into buildings. Developers must find a sustainable solution to growing delivery problems as tenants grow more demanding of environmentally conscious apartments. Groundfloor helps to provide tenants with convenient, reliable, round-the-clock parcel lockers that, importantly, greatly improve the sustainability of build to rent communities.

Delivery challenges in the Build to Rent space

Build to Rent communities have seen delivery challenges due to increased eCommerce, grocery, and UberEats deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The difficulties in maintaining a sustainable process for delivery in the built environment are only growing, with Australia experiencing a 10% annual increase in parcel delivery volumes.

Groundfloor clientele have even been reporting more issues regarding the deliveries of UberEats meals than parcels. This is supported by data from the National Retailers Association, who report that online food sales have increased 11.7% since August 2020. Amongst this explosion, Build to Rent parcel lockers by Groundfloor provide convenience for not only eCommerce parcels but also grocery and UberEats deliveries. 

How Build to Rent parcel lockers greatly reduce carbon emissions

Emissions due as a result of eCommerce deliveries are substantially reduced by the addition of built to rent parcel lockers. Quantities of parcel deliveries have been accelerating at a growth rate of more than 10% each year and an estimated 50% of apartment parcel deliveries fail. The high rate of redelivery leads to far higher carbon emissions involved with eCommerce. Studies have concluded that carbon emissions produced by deliveries can be increased by up to 75% if a redelivery is required. 

As tenants demand more eco-friendly apartments, Groundfloor Build to Rent parcel lockers provide an effective solution to this issue. They provide a centralised delivery point and 24/7 access so couriers can deliver all their parcels to one place within a building instead of to individual apartmenst. Redeliveries have been greatly reduced, eliminating the pesky “Sorry we missed you” card and cutting emissions related to redeliveries as well as the time it takes a courier to deliver to individual apartments.

When delivery efficiency is increased, couriers can spend less time chugging around the block looking for parking, and more time getting parcels to tenants on time. In addition, Groundfloor’s 24/7 parcel lockers lower the amount of delivery vehicles required on the road, as the number of delivery points are lowered.

Build to rent parcel lockers are desired by younger tenants

Younger tenants want more efficient and sustainable technology in their apartment buildings. In a recent national survey, Bankwest found that gen Z favours living in apartments at a rate of 28%, almost 2 times the national average. A report conducted by Savills also found that Generation Z and millennials now make up the majority of student accommodation dwellers.

The report also outlines how apartment-dwelling young people are unforgiving of poorly designed technology. Younger buyers are flooding the apartment market, and with them comes desires for efficient and sustainable technology included. Build to rent parcel lockers provide a clean solution to both the issue of sustainability and satisfy the needs of younger buyers in these communities. 

Build to rent offers many advantages, however challenges are being presented in managing huge parcel volumes in a sustainable manner. Our parcel lockers increase parcel delivery efficiency, cleanliness and fulfill the needs of an increasingly young market in a sustainable way. 

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