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The new Contactless Age

Along with the rest of the world, New Zealand has felt the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic on its parcel delivery systems, prompting a dire need for convenient, fast and contactless on-site parcel lockers. Groundfloor™ parcel lockers offer a clean solution to worries brought about by surging parcel volumes. Reducing contact between couriers and recipients is an important next step in contactless delivery.  

Parcel lockers New Zealand: A necessary amenity amongst exploding delivery volumes

New Zealand has seen staggering growth in parcel volumes that highlights the necessity of on-premises parcel lockers. Given that 50% of New Zealanders now shop online, eCommerce delivery volumes have spiked to record highs, and the rate of growth shows no signs of slowing. 

New Zealanders have increased their demand for deliveries significantly since the start of the pandemic. Due to both restrictions and personal safety reasons, consumers and businesses have understandably been seeking alternatives to in-person shopping, and shopping online instead. This has led to domestic retail eCommerce sales alone rising by 4.8%

Huge increases in eCommerce volumes as a result of the pandemic has led to supercharged parcel volumes. According to NZ Post, parcel volumes peaked at a staggering 500,000 parcels per day last year as a result of COVID lockdowns and greater eCommerce popularity. 

Buildings feeling the pressure of deliveries

Parcel lockers in New Zealand serve as a perfect solution to ease the stresses felt by buildings during the coming holiday season. NZ post has experienced a peak volume of 200 parcels a minute in the last year, causing immense stress to commercial and residential parcel endpoints. 

As parcel volumes are predicted to only increase due to higher rates of online shopping, New Zealand parcel lockers are cementing themselves as a necessity for any building wishing to keep up with immense parcel volumes. Currently, the large numbers of incoming packages mean overcrowding of buildings with couriers and parcels, which presents both a COVID risk and unnecessary clutter. Kiwi shoppers now on average shop 23 times a year online, presenting the dire need for buildings to have an orderly and smart solution in order to keep up. 

Building owners and managers have been struggling to maintain an orderly system for managing incoming deliveries in what NZ Post’s CEO describes as an “unprecedented parcel tsunami.” Our parcel lockers provide a smart solution for any building wishing to stay on top of deliveries to the building and maintain a clean and elegant solution. This solution would free up space in buildings and keep contact between couriers and tenants and commercial clients to a necessary minimum. 

Parcel Lockers New Zealand transform contactless deliveries

Groundfloor’s smart Parcel Lockers New Zealand transform contactless deliveries which have become common practice over the past two years. NZ Post is ensuring that all deliveries are contactless, due to COVID-19 safety measures. This means that buildings must find a way to ensure that deliveries and people remain safe throughout the contactless process

Buildings require solutions that maintain the safety of tenants and commercial clients in receiving parcels. In addition, parcels must be kept safe and secure should recipients not be available to receive them immediately. COVID has seen the introduction of strict safety regulations, and buildings must comply with these regulations in the most efficient manner. 

Parcel Lockers New Zealand by Groundfloor implement an efficient process of parcel retrieval and delivery inline with NZ Post requirements. NZ Post and other couriers currently require parcels to be delivered while remaining 2 meters away from the client, and for parcels to be placed on the ground during delivery. 

Groundfloor smart parcel lockers streamline this process by keeping parcels safely stowed in parcel lockers until they are ready to be retrieved. In addition, our parcel lockers offer completely contactless delivery and retrieval without the need to use touchscreens. The free-to-use Groundfloor delivery mobile app allows for easy retrieval and delivery of parcels in a contactless manner, and our lockers ensure the utmost security of parcels throughout the whole process.

Particularly in the past two years,the impacts of COVID have made themselves apparent in the delivery space in New Zealand. The benefits of added security, smooth, contactless delivery and clean and neat parcel storage make New Zealand Parcel Lockers by Groundfloor the ideal solution for managing commercial, student and residential deliveries. 

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