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Sustainability benefits of parcel lockers

The sustainability benefits of parcel lockers have become a focal point for central business districts around Australia with a significant increase in the number of parcels delivered daily. This increase has led to a rise in the number of delivery vans on CBD roads and a subsequent increase in CO2 emissions. Delivery drivers often make numerous attempts to deliver parcels and circle buildings while they wait for a park or loading bay. Groundfloor provides a solution with smart parcel lockers allowing faster deliveries and ensuring fewer delivery vehicles on the road.

In a study conducted by The University of Melbourne in December 2022, it was found that Groundfloor’s smart lockers allow couriers to deliver significantly faster and ensure that every parcel is delivered on the first attempt. The study emphasises that with Groundfloor parcel lockers significantly fewer delivery trips and less time on the road is required with courier drivers delivering eight to nine times faster than the standard delivery process. The University of Melbourne’s study also found that the Groundfloor smart parcel lockers reduce the failed delivery rate to 0%. In other locations without smart parcel lockers, the failed delivery rate for parcels is approximately 57%. This significant reduction in failed delivery rates has a profound impact on the number of repeat redelivery trips. The study found that if all of Melbourne’s residential buildings over 100 dwellings had parcel lockers, courier companies would save around $4.89 million annually in operating costs associated with re-delivery.

Co-founder of Groundfloor, Lynne Thornton said “Melbourne University found that the effect of fewer delivery attempts leads to nearly 90 thousand tons of CO2 no longer finding its way into the environment”, and It is not only the environment and couriers that benefit from the implementation of Grounfloor parcel lockers says Thornton.  “Groundfloor Parcel Lockers improve convenience for those who work or live in buildings with smart parcel lockers. First-time delivery and 24/7 collection puts an end to unnecessary visits to the Post Office and the ability to retrieve parcels on the residents own schedule”.  Thus, it is easy to understand why these lockers can make such a huge difference to any building’s sustainability mission while adding a convenient amenity for its residents.

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