East Brunswick Village Parcel Lockers – A Successful Parcel Solution

A Parcel Locker Solution for East Brunswick Village: 

EBV a Vibrant community that has a convenient parcel locker soultion

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant spirit of community living, East Brunswick Village (EBV) stands as a modern urban haven that encapsulates the essence of sustainable village life.  Set on the backdrop of a region famous for its alternative arts, EBV offers a well-catered array of amenities, including panoramic views from its rooftop gardens, secure parcel lockers, and shared working spaces. 

The Problem & Solution

The parcel problem requiring a parcel locker solution

The modern landscape of online shopping has ushered in unparalleled convenience, altering the way that we acquire our essentials. But within this era of ease, a challenge has arisen, particularly for those residing in apartment complexes. The process of receiving packages has evolved into a logistical maze, involving the frustrating experience of organizing the redelivery of a parcel or collecting it from a post office. This isn’t an isolated issue—it’s a recurring theme across urban settings, an experience marked by inefficiency and a pressing need for a parcel solution.

Smart Parcel Locker Melbourne Solution

The surge in e-commerce has inundated apartment buildings with a torrent of packages, which has sparked a cascade of rescheduling and trips to the post office, a cycle that creates wasted time and needless complexity. In order to solve this, East Brunswick Village has collaborated with Groundfloor parcel locker systems, embarking on a journey to reimagine the package delivery experience. The goal was clear: to counter the escalating tide of deliveries and amplify the quality of life for its inhabitants.

Central to this transformation are Groundfloor’s modular locker systems—a comprehensive solution to the package predicament. Through our seamless integration with the building software at East Brunswick Village, residents can now enjoy first-time delivery, every time.  The modularity of the system has allowed the Groundfloor system to grow twice since its original installation in 2019. The addition of the extra towers has allowed the system to effortlessly accommodate the swelling village population and burgeoning package volumes.


Groundfloor systems aren’t confined to a single function, rather, they can embrace various roles. Refrigerated lockers facilitate food delivery, ushering in a new era of culinary convenience. The integration with iBag dry cleaning services adds another layer of utility, enabling residents to have their garments expertly cleaned and returned—all orchestrated through the tapestry of Groundfloor’s infrastructure.

EBV with a parcel locker solution

This partnership between Groundfloor and EBV is more than a logistical triumph,  it’s a real-world solution that mirrors EBV’s commitment to improving the village’s sustainability and enhancing the villager experience. 


This article also appears in leading property and urban development publication “The Urban Developer”. See the full article here

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