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Double-sided secure parcel lockers

Double-sided Parcel Lockers

Receive deliveries without delivery drivers entering the building

Keep your building secure with double-sided lockers

With the rise of security-conscious building’s Groundfloor™ has developed a double-sided locker. Double-sided lockers allow for deliveries to be made without access to the interior of a property. The delivery driver delivers in the same method that they would for a standard Groundfloor™ locker, however, collection is made by the recipient via a rear-facing door, without the need for the delivery driver to gain internal access, nor the recipient to leave the secure area.

Integration, aesthetics & convenience

Featuring all the benefits of regular Groundfloor™ parcel lockers, double-sided lockers have an additional convenience benefit. Through access at the back of the locker system recipients can make their delivery collection without leaving the building.

Would you like to discuss a double-sided delivery locker solution for your building?

Our six-star customer service team is ready to take your call. Our team of experts will happily discuss customized locker solutions that suit your specific needs.

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