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Food Delivery Lockers

Insulated locker inserts

Why Groundfloor™ food delivery lockers?

Food delivery lockers are cost-effective

Insulated lockers are sustainable

Insulated lockers are versatile

Food delivery lockers offer security

Food delivery lockers keep your lobby looking beautiful

What are food delivery lockers?

Groundfloor™ food delivery lockers meet the increasing demand for a food delivery solution at multiple dwell locations as well as commercial and student accommodation properties. Groundfloor™ parcel lockers are utilised and fitted with insulated inserts for hot or cold food and do not require additional power like alternative refrigerated solutions.


Groundfloor™ insulated locker inserts can be fitted into existing lockers, set aside two or three lockers in your parcel locker system to be thermal. No need for a standalone refrigerated tower unit.


Groundfloor™ food delivery lockers don’t require electricity while refrigerated lockers need to be continually plugged into their own power supply.


Your Groundfloor™  food delivery lockers are versatile – Insulated inserts can be used to keep items cold (grocery deliveries) and warm (UberEats etc) and can be retrofitted into our existing lockers at any time.

Any food delivery company can deliver

Our lockers feature an in-built touchscreen for both delivery and collection. The friendly, award-winning interface is simple enough for the most novice technology user and just may put a smile on your face.

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Secure your deliveries

Groundfloor™ has the solution to stolen food, did you know that food deliveries are among the most stolen item from building lobbies?

Property aesthetics

Do you find that food deliveries are leaving your building lobby cluttered with unsightly deliveries of food?

Many properties suffer from the symptoms of fast delivery and slow collection leaving building lobbies and entranceways littered with unattended food deliveries. Food delivery lockers store out-of-sight deliveries until the recipient collects allowing lobbies to remain presentable.

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Looking for a Refrigerated Delivery Locker solution?

Groundfloor™ fresh produce lockers are the perfect addition to any Groundfloor™ parcel locker system. These refrigerated lockers give you the confidence that deliveries will be kept cool and fresh for collection at your convenience.

Would you like to discuss a food delivery locker solution for your building?

Our six-star customer service team is ready to take your call. Our team of experts will happily discuss customized locker solutions that suit your specific needs.

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