Package Lockers During Christmas Time Congestion

Package Lockers for residents and students are again essential during this Christmas season. With the pandemic creating many problems, parcel delivery has been one of the most affected industries. In September, Australia Post had to pause Parcel Pickups for three days. Safe delivery has become an increasingly important priority. We need to limit the amount of contact between couriers, building staff and recipients at apartments and student accommodation. Package lockers provide an essential step towards eliminating contact. 

Christmas Deliveries 

Christmas deliveries are expected to be at an all time high this Christmas season. CouriersPlease estimates this December quarter delivery volumes will be 30 per cent higher than in the same period last year. Australia Post said it delivered more parcels in August than during the huge Christmas period last year. This means couriers are having an increase in activity.

An increase in this activity will lead to an increase in contact. This means that couriers will be delivering more frequently during the day. Their delivery hours have spread out across the week and outside of traditional delivery times pre-Covid. Prior to Covid, deliveries took place from 8am-4pm, with most parcels being delivered at 8:30. Nowadays, parcels are being delivered from 7am-9pm with most parcels being delivered between the hours of 8am-3pm. 

Residential apartments and student accommodation will greatly benefit from a package locker system. As parcel delivery increases, parcel lockers will solve the problem of increased contact from couriers. It will also provide a secure and centralised location for the increased volume of parcels. Contactless parcel delivery via automated, no-touch parcel lockers will be needed to reduce physical contact this Christmas period. 

Package Lockers Allow Contactless Gift Exchange

Contactless gift exchange via package lockers will again be a special smart building feature in the lead up to Christmas. We love to exchange gifts with neighbours and co-workers. This year, doing it safely will continue to be our main priority. Australia Post had to pause collections twice this year due to backlogs caused by COVID. The US has announced they are pausing deliveries to Australia.  

Smart delivery lockers help because they allow completely contactless delivery and collection. This eliminates the need to pick up your parcels from the post office and ensures couriers can safely deliver directly to the lockers. Building residents and facility staff do not need to interact with couriers and contractors at all. Recipients are automatically notified of their delivery. Once ready to collect, they simply scan a code at the locker and the locker door opens automatically. Locker doors can be closed with a gentle elbow nudge.

Contactless delivery 

Contactless delivery is an important aspect in slowing the spread of COVID-19. There are guidelines for apartments and student accomodation regarding contactless delivery and limiting contact between couriers and building staff. This highlights the many challenges of managing deliveries in the built environment. The major concern is reducing the number of shared touchpoints. 

Reducing shared touchpoints means limiting the number of visitors allowed into a building and its lifts at any given time. It also affects student accommodation staff’s ability to handle deliveries and interact with contractors. This is a problem in buildings without smart, safe parcel lockers. High parcel volumes not only mean more packages to deal with.

They also mean couriers are visiting buildings more frequently throughout the day to deliver.  

Contactless delivery without secure package lockers in the building has had unintended negative results. There has been an increase in reports of parcel theft in apartments. The move towards contactless processes remains important. Australia Post, Couriers Please, and many other courier services suspended requirements for physical signatures to help encourage contactless deliveries. However, it means couriers need to leave packages unattended in foyers and on doorsteps. Package lockers are the best way to keep parcels secure.

Safer Christmas with package lockers

Christmas will also be safer with on-premises package lockers. Our delivery lockers are helping Australian and New Zealand buildings during the pandemic. Apartments and student accommodation without smart, safe parcel lockers simply cannot cope with today’s health concerns and the enormous package volumes. Inefficient, manual processes and the increase in foot-traffic in and around apartments is problematic for achieving social distancing requirements and limiting contact between people.

Groundfloor™ package lockers provide safe, automated and secure management of many different types of deliveries without the need for physical involvement. They also keep couriers out of lifts and lobbies when your system is located outside or in a dedicated car parking zone. This greatly speeds up the delivery time and efficiency and provides the utmost security without compromising on convenience.

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