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Refrigerated Delivery Lockers

Powered lockers for fresh and perishable items

Perishable deliveries kept fresh

Refrigerated locker adoption at the home is growing fast in Australia. The rise in home grocery delivery can be attributed to growth in technology use and increasingly time-poor lifestyles. Groundfloor™ refrigerated delivery lockers are suitable for food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals with a temperature range of 1-6C. Smart refrigerated lockers give recipients the peace of mind that their perishable deliveries will be kept secure and fresh, ready for the recipient to collect at their convenience.

Smart refrigerated lockers provide 24/7 Convenience & security

No longer does someone need to be at home to take a grocery delivery. Groundfloor™ smart refrigerated lockers provide the convenience that fresh produce deliveries will be kept cool until recipients can collect at their 24/7 convenience. Deliveries are made to powered lockers to ensure that your groceries are kept safe from theft and the elements.

Parcel lockers - what your building needs - power
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Parcel lockers what your building needs - connectivity

What does my building need for smart refrigerated lockers?

As a minimum, each system requires a single 10amp GPO power supply for the kiosk, a 10amp GPO power supply for each refrigerated tower, an “install ready” site, and a data point in place (where required). We like to think the locker towers we supply you are part of the furniture. When we install, the site needs to be at a ready stage. This means: the site is no longer under construction, a GPO is installed, and a data point installed.

Your Groundfloor™ kiosk tower will come equipped with a dual network modem to operate over 4G. In some cases, we require that your site provision a standard data point to ensure a smooth uninterrupted internet connection. 


Groundfloor™ refrigerated locker door sizes have been designed to fit common Australian grocery deliveries. Each refrigerated locker tower has 8 medium-sized doors.

Groundfloor™ delivery lockers look great sitting free-standing or built in for a flush finish. Whether you’re designing for a new property or implementing your Groundfloor™ system in an existing building, we can work with you to achieve a seamless result.

Each smart refrigerated locker tower is 1100mm Wide x 580mm Deep x 2085mm High with internal dimensions of 390mm Wide x 440mm Deep x 340mm High.

Smart Retail Parcel Lockers food delivery

Space limitations? Consider thermal inserts

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers fitted with thermal inserts offer the perfect solution for properties with space limitations. Accepting deliveries from all companies Groundfloor™ provides the flexibility to receive hot, cold, and parcel deliveries all in one tower.

Would you like to discuss a refrigerated locker solution for your building?

Our six-star customer service team is ready to take your call. Our team of experts will happily discuss customized locker solutions that suit your specific needs.

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