Melbourne parcel lockers rescue Victorian buildings

Melbourne parcel lockers in Victorian buildings have become a critical addition to urban living. Victorian’s are buying essentials online in even higher numbers than March to May during Victoria’s Lockdown 2.0. Last week was Victoria’s biggest week for online shopping. So far. Purchases were up 161 per cent compared to the same time last year.

Parcel volumes at the same time last year were already overwhelming buildings. The rate of parcels piled up in fire escapes was alarming. Facility managers reported losing up to four hours per day managing parcels. The pandemic has now created two more pressure points: 

  1. Far more people are shopping online, and shopping more frequently. 
  2. Building managers need to provide safe processes for delivering and collecting parcels. 

Melbourne parcel lockers key to safe parcel delivery and collection

Melbourne parcel lockers have become the key to safe parcel delivery and collection in Victoria. Safe parcel delivery suddenly became a high priority with this pandemic. Delivering and collecting parcels swiftly underwent a transformation. Delivery services switched to offering contactless delivery in response to COVID-19 health measures. 

This response to health measures was an important move towards care of our community. Yet it proved inefficient. Recipients still needed a safe way to collect their deliveries. Increasing parcel theft was also an unwanted consequence of contactless delivery services.

Services offering contactless delivery are forced to leave goods on doorsteps or ‘in a safe place’ when an on-premises parcel locker system is not available. You may not be too concerned about people missing out on their box of Naked Wines. However, many have had to turn to home delivery of medications and other essential medical supplies. Buildings without on-premises parcel delivery solutions simply cannot cope with extreme volumes amid COVID-19 health concerns. 

Groundfloor’s Melbourne parcel lockers provide the key to COVID-19 safe parcel delivery solutionsDeliveries can be made via Groundfloor’s courier mobile app. Allowing couriers to use their own mobile phones eliminates the need to use the shared touchscreens. The Digital Signature created for every delivery also assists in reducing contact by replacing physical signatures and increases security.

Groundfloor’s automatically generated QR code also allows recipients to reduce contact with the shared touchscreens. The delivery recipient scans this code and the locker door automatically opens. Doors can be closed with a gentle elbow-nudge. 

Couriers deliver to one place with parcel delivery lockers

Another benefit of parcel delivery lockers is ensuring couriers deliver to one place. This is especially important at this time. Around the globe, high-density environments are asked to keep external visitor numbers low. This is another reason on-premises parcel locker solutions are desperately needed.

On-premises parcel locker solutions keep couriers on the ground floor. They eliminate the need for couriers to travel through buildings, ride in lifts and deliver door to door. You could also remove couriers from your lobby altogether by locating your parcel locker system outside or at your parking entrance. 

Melbourne Parcel lockers

Melbourne Parcel lockers are providing apartments, offices, student residences and mixed-use precincts with an essential amenity. Here are some of Groundfloor’s Melbourne parcel lockers systems.

Herbert King Apartments, Richmond Hill 

Herbert King Groundfloor parcel lockers

Herbert King Apartments is a beautiful new boutique luxury residential development. These high-end apartments and townhouses emphasize modern luxury living. Floor-to ceiling windows, integrated kitchens, and a sense of luxury retreat. Designers CHT Architects respected the historical facade of the lower ground. The design juxtaposes the heritage with the modern.

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers were installed in the lobby once the building was completed. This building was the first to go live with our security feature, allowing secure access to couriers who have a parcel for delivery. 

Herbert King of Richmond Hill was developed by Rescom Group and built by Becon Constructions.

East Brunswick Village

east-brunswick-village-parcel lockers

East Brunswick Village is a 3.1 hectare site, located on the eastern side of well known Nicholson St in Melbourne’s northern inner-city suburbs. This project represents the future of urban communities. Housing and amenities for a large, diverse and environmentally conscious community. The experimental project is designed to satisfy residents expectations of modern urban living.

The community precinct will include several 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, a vibrant retail hub, restaurants and cafes, a commercial office building, and services such as a gym and pharmacy. 

The first set of Groundfloor™ parcel lockers were installed with the completion of stage one. They service the first 3 apartment buildings of this three stage project.

EBV was developed by Banco Group and designed by JAM Architects. 

Swinburne Student Residences

Groundfloor™ parcel lockers at Swinburne

The Swinburne Student Residences lockers are one of Groundlfoor’s first parcel locker systems. This 650-bed student accommodation is close to the Melbourne CBD on the Swinburne University of Technology Hawthorn Campus. 

Their Groundfloor™ parcel management system was located on the ground floor with reception and continues to serve the entire residential community.

Previously, parcels were delivered together with mail to the mail centre where operations staff would sort items manually and deliver to the residence’s reception on that day or the next. Every parcel was logged manually. Reception staff would then have to notify each student of their delivered parcels via email.

With Groundfloor™ parcel lockers, the students receive their parcels 24-48 hours sooner than previously.

570 Bourke Street

570 Bourke St parcel lockers

Charter Hall’s 570 Bourke Street is an A-Grade office tower in the Melbourne CBD. The building offers lifestyle services and amenities for it’s roughly 3,500 employees.

A focus on sustainability and efficiency made 570 Bourke St early on-premises parcel locker adopters. Their parcel management system was installed as an opt-in amenity at the end of 2018. 

Their lockers are located on the first floor wellness centre area. This area is served by a ramp coming up from the parking bays at the back of the building. This location has removed couriers from their lobby.

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